Publication: 2013-05-08



Name:Owen Ambur


Name:The Open Scholarly Revolution


#ScholRev is a decentralized union of scientists, educators, programmers and digital enthusiasts


  • Scientists

  • Educators

  • Programmers

  • Digital Enthusiasts

  • FORCE11 Group#ScholRev was born on March 20, 2013 in Amsterdam during a break-out session at the conference Beyond the PDF 2 created by the FORCE11 group. You can read the manifesto of the FORCE11 group at, and information about the outcomes of the conference at In this conference many of us felt that we needed a radical approach to scholarship and its communication. This wasn't planned, but 25 of us met at lunch and decide we wanted to DO something different.

  • The Open Scholarly Revolution MembersWhile the majority of the members have a science background, there are also people interested in humanities. We believe that both communities can learn a lot from each other, and "synergy" is a word that we hear a lot in this community. For example, humanities scholars can learn from the way scientists work collaboratively, and data intensively. Conversely, scientists can also learn from the way humanities scholars do close reading of the material, developing digital editions that are alternatives to traditional publication models.