Publication: 2013-02-07


Scenario planning is a discipline for developing multiple imagined futures in which decisions about the future can be played out, for the purposes of changing thinking, improving decision-making, fostering human and organization learning and improving performance.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Scenario Planning Institute


Our expertise is in the integration of systems thinking and acting, leadership development, and scenario-based strategy. These elements come together to help initiate aligned action at scale, and form a unique approach to organizational performance and change.


  • Colorado State University

  • Thomas J. ChermackFOUNDER AND DIRECTOR -- Thomas J. Chermack is an Associate Professor in the Organizational Performance and Change program at Colorado State University. His research has focused on understanding the outcomes of scenario planning, as well as defining and assessing its theoretical foundations. He has worked on scenario projects with a variety of organizations in the United States, and Globally.

  • Susan A. LynhamCO-DIRECTOR -- Susan A. Lynham is an Associate Professor in the Organizational Performance and Change program at Colorado State University. Her research has focused on the role of leadership in organizational strategy and leadership development. She has used her expertise to help organizations such as Eskom, Right Management Consultants, and most recently, the United Nations.

  • Louis Van Der MerweFELLOW -- Louis works in South Africa, Europe and internationally, as a consultant, strategy facilitator, executive-coach and educator. His core competencies are in Scenario based Strategy, Systems Thinking, Leadership Development and working in large organisations at scale. CIL has offices in Amsterdam, and Johannesburg.

  • Scenario Planning OrganizationsWe support an open invitation to organizations interested in working with us on applied scenario planning projects. In short, we work with organizations to design scenario projects that help decision-makers understand strategic issues and solve complex dilemmas. At the same time, these projects allow us to involve doctoral students in applied research that generates new knowledge about scenario planning.

  • Scenario Planning Students