2006-2010 Strategic Plan


Start: 2006-11-02, End: 2010-12-30, Publication: 2010-04-04


The purpose of a strategic plan is to focus an organization’s limited resources on outcomes valued highly by its stakeholders. At its meetings on May 4 and November 2, 2006, the Society for Public Health Education’s (SOPHE) Board of Trustees and House of Delegates unanimously adopted the vision statement, mission statement, seven goals, and 21 objectives to be accomplished by the year 2010. It also approved the “champions” to be held accountable for achieving the goals, recommended strategies for accomplishing the objectives, and process and impact measures of success. For the first time, the Board also adopted a value statement for the Society espousing six key priorities by which the organization would like to operate in terms of its membership, employees, the public, and other stakeholders. SOPHE’s Strategic Planning Committee will collaborate with goal champions, leaders and stakeholder groups to make progress toward SOPHE’s goals and objectives. The committee will report at least annually to the Board about the organization’s progress in achieving the plan. In the future, SOPHE’s priorities may change due to organizational achievements, new opportunities and unexpected challenges. SOPHE’s 2006-2010 strategic plan is intended to serve not as a set of rigid requirements but rather as a flexible guide and tool that will evolve as SOPHE moves with common direction toward 2010 and beyond.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Society for Public Health Education