The Strategy of Information Society Development in Russia


Start: 2008-03-07, Publication: 2012-08-31

This Strategy is the basis for preparation and specification of principles, concepts, programs and other documents determining the targets and directions of activity for government agencies and the principles and mechanisms of government agency interaction with organizations and citizens in the field of information society development in the Russian Federation.

This Strategy is prepared with due account for the international obligations of the Russian Federation, the Doctrine of Information Security of the Russian Federation, federal laws, and normative legal acts of the Russian Federation Government that determine the direction of social and economic development, increase the efficiency of the government and the interaction of government bodies and a civil society in the Russian Federation. The Strategy has been formulated on the basis of key provisions of the Okinawa Charter on Global Information Society, Geneva Declaration of Principles of information society building, the Tunis Agenda for the Information Society, and other international documents adopted at the World Summit on the Information Society development.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Russian Federation



  • V. PutinPresident of the Russian Federation

  • State of RussiaIn order to solve the defined tasks the state: * formulates the basic actions for information society development and creates conditions for the implementation of these actions in conjunction with business and the civil society; * defines the reference values for information society development in the Russian Federation; * develops legislation and upgrades law-enforcement in the sphere of information and telecommunication technologies use; * creates favorable conditions for intensive development of science, education and culture, and the development and production of science-driven information and telecommunication technologies; * enables the improvement of the quality and efficiency of state services provision to organizations and citizens using information and telecommunication technologies; * creates conditions for equal access of citizens to information; uses the capabilities of information and telecommunication technologies for strengthening the defense capacity of the country and the security of the state.

  • Institute of the Information SocietyProvided an unofficial translation of this strategy from Russian to English.