Strategic Investment Plan for Intelligence Community Analysis


Publication: 2010-08-21


This document, for the first time, lays out a ten-year Strategic Investment Plan for Intelligence Community Analysis (SIP). It outlines the goals and future requirements for the 11 agencies of the National Intelligence Production Board (NIPB) and the implementing actions—budgetary, procedural, and policy—that are needed to build and maintain the Intelligence Community's core analytic capabilities. It specifies deliverables beginning in FY 2001.

The plan looks at future analytic requirements across six pillars: investing in people; technology; intelligence priorities; customer support; interacting with collectors; and external analysis. The information and recommendations presented here reflect the collaboration and consensus of the members of the NIPB, who helped collect and compile the data and facilitated the review of issues and current programs within their respective organizations. The result is an assessment of what it will take for the IC analytic community—in light of the anticipated national security and budgetary environments we will face in the coming decade—to realize the DCI's vision for the United States Intelligence Community.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:National Intelligence Production Board



  • Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Analysis and ProductionThe NIPB, chaired by the Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Analysis and Production (ADCI/AP), undertook this inaugural Strategic Investment Plan for Intelligence Community Analysis as a follow-on to an earlier effort to assess the analytic resources available to the US Intelligence Community to support its wide range of missions.

  • Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for CollectionNIPB Member

  • Deputy Director of Intelligence, Central Intelligence AgencyNIPB Member

  • Deputy Director for Analysis and Production, Defense Intelligence AgencyNIPB Member

  • Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Analysis, Bureau of Intelligence and Research, Department of StateNIPB Member

  • Assistant Deputy Director of Operations for Analysis and Production, National Security AgencyNIPB Member

  • Director of Imagery Analysis, National Imagery and Mapping AgencyNIPB Member

  • Director of the Office of Energy Intelligence, Department of EnergyNIPB Member

  • Inspector/Deputy Assistant Director, Intelligence Branch, Investigative ServicesNIPB Member

  • Director of Foreign Intelligence, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Headquarters, Department of the ArmyNIPB Member

  • Executive Director, Office of Naval IntelligenceNIPB Member

  • Associate Director for Intelligence, Directorate of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance, Headquarters US Air ForceNIPB Member

  • Director, Marine Corps Intelligence ActivityNIPB Member

  • Director, Program Office for Community AnalysisNIPB Member

  • Executive SecretaryNIPB Member