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Name:Social Innovation Park Ltd


Social Innovation Park Ltd (SIP) is an impartial, not-for-profit organisation based in Singapore that incubates social entrepreneurs worldwide to bring positive innovations to lives and societies.


  • Social Entrepreneurs

  • SIP Board MembersSIP is a People's Project which is a largely volunteer driven initiative. The SIP Board members consists of the following volunteers from the private, public and people sectors:

  • Penny LowMs Penny Low, President and Founder, Social Innovation Park Ltd; Member of Parliament, Pasir Ris - Punggol GRC; Founding Member, Young Global Leaders (World Economic Forum); Yale World Fellow, Yale University -- Ms. Penny Low has traversed more than 60 countries and is one of the 34 founding members of the New Asian Leaders by the Geneva-based World Economic Forum. She has also been honored as one of the 237 (out of 8,000 worldwide) founding members of the prestigious The Forum of Global Young Leaders (YGL). Ms. Penny Low was the youngest elected female Member of Parliament in Singapore, representing the Pasir Ris-Punggol Group Representation Constituency in 2001. She is the Chairperson of the Government Parliamentary Committees (GPC) for Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts, and also serves on the GPC for Ministry of Finance, Trade and Industry. Penny sits on many national committees and a member of many inter-parliamentary and friendship groups across the globe. She also has been in the financial services industry since 1995. More recently, she also founded the Social Innovation Park Ltd (SIP), a non-profit organization promoting thought leadership and social entrepreneurship in Singapore and beyond.

  • Desmond Kok Eng TiongMr Desmond Kok Eng Tiong, Director, Social Innovation Park Ltd; Managing Partner, MA Architects LLP -- Mr. Desmond Kok is a co-founder and managing partner of MA Architects. He is currently running his own architectural firm and has offices in Singapore, China and Vietnam. He is also an active grass root member of Punggol-North resident committee, and is passionate in community services.

  • Khong Kwok WaiMr Khong Kwok Wai, Director, Social Innovation Park Ltd; Senior Procurement Engineer - Strategic Section, Singapore Refining Company Pte Ltd -- Mr. Khong Kwok Wai works as a Senior Procurement Engineer in SRC. He has been working in the Oil & Gas/Petrochemical/Marine & Construction Industries for many years. He joined the Grassroots Organisations in 1996 and was awarded the Public Service Medal, PBM in 2003. He was then the Rivervale Vista RC Chairman (2001 to 2005). He is currently serving the Punggol North Community Club Management Committe (CCMC) as Vice-Chairman & Member (Special Projects) of the Punggol North Citizen's Consultative Committee (CCMC). He is also a Member of the Greendale Primary School - Advisory Committee 2010-2012. He was serving the American Society of Mechanical Engineers - ASME Singapore Section as a Past Chairman (2007-2008) & participated in the Tax Payer & Economic Development Feedback Groups back in 1998-2004.

  • Ellen LeeMs Ellen Lee, Director, Social Innovation Park Ltd; Consultant, Ramdas & Wong Singapore -- Ellen Lee was elected MP of Sembawang GRC (Woodlands) in May 2006. She is concurrently an Advocate and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore and has practiced law in Singapore since January 1981. She is now a Consultant of M/s Ramdas & Wong. Ellen is Legal Advisor to various community organizations and non-profit organizations. She is also a member of the Government Parliamentary Committees on Law & Home Affairs and the Community Development, Youth and Sports.

  • Ho Yew KeeA/Prof Ho Yew Kee, Director, Social Innovation Park Ltd; Vice-Dean (Finance & Admin), NUS Business School -- Associate Professor Ho Yew Kee is an accountant by training having obtained his bachelor with first class honours and master degree from Monash University, Australia. He is also a Fellow CPA under CPA Australia and a CPA under Institute of CPAs of Singapore. He graduated with a Master in Industrial Administration and a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University, USA. He is currently the Vice Dean overseeing the finance and administration of the NUS Business School. He specializes in accounting regulation, the use of creative accounting, earnings management and financial reporting. He is involved in feedback on development of latest regulations in the areas of company's law and accounting regulations. He also teaches finance especially valuation using accounting numbers and valuation and risk characteristics of firms.

  • SIP Distinguished FellowsSIP Distinguished Fellow The SIP Distinguished Fellow Award honours legendary leaders whose illustrious lives have positively influenced lives across generations and communities around the globe. The Distinguished Fellow motivates collaborations and inspires extraordinary innovations across sectors. SIP Distinguished Fellows are outstanding role models and stalwarts of SIP's community of changemakers in shaping a more inclusive, sustainable, and better world.

  • S Robson WaltonSIP Distinguished Fellow 2009 : S Robson Walton, Chairman of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., USA -- Rob Walton has served as the Chairman of the Board of Wal-Mart since 1992. In this role, he has seen Wal-Mart grow to serve more than 200 million customers per week at more than 8,000 retail units in 15 countries, generating $401 billion in sales in fiscal year 2009. Wal-Mart's many commitments feed into three primary focus areas: promoting renewable energy, eliminating waste, and selling sustainable products.

  • Jet LiSIP Distinguished Fellow 2008: Jet Li, Founder, One Foundation

  • SIP FellowsThe SIP Fellow Awards recognise outstanding and high achieving individuals who are creating systemic change in the community that they live and work in. Role models in their own fields, these individuals are thought and action leaders who are shaping the future in their own way and doing what they do best. SIP Fellows are stalwarts of SIP's community of changemakers in shaping a more inclusive, sustainable, and better world.

  • John Hope BryantSIP Fellow 2009 -- Founder, Chairman and CEO, Operation HOPE, USA

  • Calvin ChinSIP Fellow 2009 -- Co-founder and CEO, Qifang, China

  • Suhas GopinathSIP Fellow 2009 -- Founder and CEO, Globals Inc., India

  • Melissa KweeSIP Fellow 2009 -- Chairperson, Halogen Foundation, Singapore

  • Peter SeligmannSIP Fellow 2009 -- Chairman, Conservation International, USA

  • Dea SudarmanSIP Fellow 2009 -- President, Alun Alun, Indonesia

  • Ting Choon MengSIP Fellow 2009 -- Chairman/CEO, HealthSTATS International Pte Ltd, Singapore

  • Claire ChiangSIP Fellow 2008 -- Managing Director, Banyan Tree Gallery

  • Veronica ColondamSIP Fellow 2008 -- Founder, Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa

  • Tan Ye PengSIP Fellow 2008 -- Founder, CityCare

  • Amit WanchooSIP Fellow 2008 -- Managing Director, Eaton Laboratories