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Start: 2013-04-17, Publication: 2013-11-07



Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Smart Cities Council


The Smart Cities Council is an advisor and market accelerator.


  • Jesse BerstChairman

  • James WhittakerDirector

  • Smart CitiesA smart city gathers data from smart devices and sensors embedded in its roadways, power grids, buildings and other assets. It shares that data via a smart communications system that is typically a combination of wired and wireless. It then uses smart software to create valuable information and digitally enhanced services.

  • Emergency Response CentersSome of those services are used by the city itself. Examples include emergency response centers and city-wide control centers. Likewise, enhancements such as smart power grids and smart water grids improve efficiency and reliability while also giving customers detailed information to help them reduce their bills. And smart transportation uses the power of computers to optimize travel throughout the city.

  • City-Wide Control CentersSome of those services are delivered digitally via computer or smart phone. Examples include online permitting, online lookup of information such as buried cables, water mains, bus arrival times, traffic maps, crime reports, emergency warnings, taxi locations and much more.

  • City Leaders

  • Urban Planners

  • CitizensEngaged Citizens