Corporate Sustainability Report


Start: 2012-01-01, End: 2012-12-31, Publication: 2013-09-28


The SAS 2012 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report is based on the calendar year January 1 to December 31, 2012. All data and information pertains to SAS Institute Inc., the US-based parent company for SAS, except for environmental data or unless otherwise stated. There have been no significant changes during the reporting period.

The report was developed using Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3.1 sustainability reporting guidelines and is self-declared at application level C. SAS' CSR efforts focus on four core areas: governance and ethics, employees, environment, and education philanthropy and community engagement. Content relating to the company's values, structure and employee benefits sits in the Corporate Responsibility site, while content specifically relating to 2012 is contained in this report. As in previous reports, SAS' for Sustainability Management was used to provide the facts regarding SAS' environmental footprint. This year SAS' Visual Analytics data visualization software was used to generate charts and graphs to provide illustration to the data and additional analytics capabilities. Executive leaders and other relevant internal stakeholders have reviewed all content. SAS received numerous awards and recognition, which can be found on its website. SAS welcomes your comments and questions regarding this report and its corporate responsibility efforts. For questions about this report or its contents, please email



SAS Institute Inc. is a North Carolina corporation that has been privately held since its inception in 1976. SAS is headquartered in Cary, NC. The company operates through functional divisions that include Worldwide Marketing, Research & Development, Finance, Legal, and Corporate Services. SAS delivers software and related services to customers throughout the world. These sales operations are conducted primarily through SAS and its controlled sales subsidiaries, which operate in 60 countries. These entities are grouped into three regional sales divisions -- the Americas; Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA); and Asia Pacific. Learn more about our full listing of software products.


  • Jim Goodnight
    • CEO (Performer)Jim Goodnight, Chief Executive Officer, and John Sall, co-founder and Executive Vice President, are the company's principal shareholders and constitute the board of directors and executive officers. They oversee corporate performance and investment decisions across environmental, social and economic interests.

  • John Sall
    • Executive Vice President (Performer)Co-founder and Executive Vice President

  • SAS Human ResourcesEmployee rights are managed through Human Resources; ethics and compliance are managed from Ethics and Compliance in Legal (covering compliance with anti-corruption, privacy and anti-aggression laws); sustainability and environmental conservation are managed through Facilities.
    • Compliance (Performer)HR manages discrimination and employment-based compliance issues, while the Ethics and Compliance group in the SAS Legal Division manages all other compliance issues, including trade, lobbying, gifts and anti-corruption. All complaints are investigated in a timely fashion. If the complaining individual chooses to leave contact information (as opposed to remaining anonymous), he or she is provided feedback as to the results of the investigation, to the extent allowed by applicable law.

  • SAS Board
    • Priority Setting (Performer)Corporate social responsibility initiatives and priorities are set by the board in collaboration with Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Jim Davis.

  • Jim Davis
    • Senior Vice President (Performer)
    • Chief Marketing Officer (Performer)

  • SAS Executive Sustainability Council
    • Metrics & Guidance (Performer)The SAS Executive Sustainability Council, formed in 2008, reviews metrics of SAS' sustainable performance and provides guidance on ways to conduct global operations in a sustainable manner. This group includes representation from senior-level executives, including co-founders and company owners Jim Goodnight, CEO, and John Sall, Executive Vice President. In 2012, many initiatives were made possible by direct sponsorship and hands-on participation from Executive Council members, including the employee Junk Swap, a waste stream audit and the expansion of our electric vehicle charging station infrastructure. In 2012, meetings were conducted with Council subgroups so detailed guidance could be provided by executives and support staff on issues and opportunities specific to their areas of operational control. Read more on SAS' sustainability initiatives.
    • Chief Marketing Officer (Performer)

  • SAS Senior Management
    • Conservation Organization Board Member (Performer)Members of SAS senior management sit on the boards of leading conservation organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund and provide influence on the global stage through organizations such as World Economic Forum, Business Roundtable and Environmental Defense Fund.

  • World Wildlife Fund
    •  (Beneficiary)

  • World Economic Forum
    •  (Beneficiary)

  • Business Roundtable
    •  (Beneficiary)

  • Environmental Defense Fund
    •  (Beneficiary)

  • SAS StakeholdersOur stakeholders include communities, employees, regulatory and governmental bodies, industry organizations, and business partners and suppliers.
    • Engagement (Beneficiary, Performer)Engagement with our stakeholders provides SAS with the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the needs in the community and in the market. It allows us to build strong partnerships with regulatory bodies and organizations within the industry, and lasting relationships with communities, employees, partners and suppliers.

  • CommunitiesEmployee volunteers, grants, donations and training
    • Volunteering (Beneficiary)SAS employees volunteered 22,100 hours through the Employee Volunteer Fund (EVF), resulting in $74,000 paid to schools across North Carolina. In 2012, the total value of cash and non-cash contributions to charities was $18,099,751.

  • SAS Employees
    •  (Performer)Intranet, webcasts, webzines and blogs SAS employees maintain 650 active internal blogs, the SAS intranet ran 1,228 stories, and the US SAS Family website had 141,708 hits in 2012. SAS Cary also held three employee morale programs.

  • Government
    • Regulation (Performer, Beneficiary)Regulatory and government -- Regular meetings and briefings, membership in trade associations and business organizations. SAS continued its membership in the UN Global Compact, and SAS executives held memberships in various trade and business organizations, including the Business and Industry Advisory Committee to the intergovernmental Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development.

  • Industry Organizations
    •  (Beneficiary)Interviews, meetings, briefing papers, white papers and articles -- SAS executives continued their memberships in industry organizations such as the National Retail Federation and the National Association of Manufacturers.

  • Business Partners & Suppliers
    •  (Beneficiary)Meetings, webcasts and representation on boards -- SAS executives participate on boards of partner and supplier organizations, including as Chair of the Executive Council of the American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union. A SAS executive also sits on the board of the Atlantic Council and actively participates in the United States Council on International Business.

  • SAS Customers
    •  (Beneficiary, Performer)Host ongoing dialogue with customers to answer questions and gather input for product improvement -- SAS interacts with customers through SAS Global Forum, self-help and assisted-help resources, focus groups, training, books, technical papers, social media, support communities, samples, SAS notes and focus areas, and more.

  • SAS DivisionsThe SAS Americas division includes 11 companies (SAS Institute Inc. and 10 operating subsidiaries), which provide software and services to customers in specific territories. The Europe, Middle East and Africa division and the Asia Pacific division together include 45 operating subsidiaries. SAS also has a number of representative and branch offices in the above regions, with a total sales presence in 60 countries. SAS also has subsidiaries in the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions that are dedicated to conducting research and development activities for SAS and its affiliates
    •  (Performer)

  • IDeaSIDeaS, Memex, VSTI and JMP are separately branded but affiliated lines of business that are operated either through dedicated wholly owned subsidiaries of SAS or as integrated divisions of SAS.
    •  (Performer)

  • Memex
    •  (Performer)

  • VSTI
    •  (Performer)

  • JMP
    •  (Performer)

  • aiMatchSAS acquired new entities in 2012. In early 2012, SAS acquired aiMatch's cloud-based ad server technology that helps publishers sell and manage online ad inventory.
    •  (Performer, Beneficiary)Combining SAS' advanced analytics with aiMatch's technology gives publishers a powerful tool for managing, forecasting, optimizing and measuring their ad inventory to maximize ad revenue.

  • rPathThen in November, SAS acquired rPath, a North Carolina-based provider of next-generation system automation technologies.
    •  (Performer)rPath helps automate the setup and management of SAS solutions in any virtual environment. It also augments the cloud and on-demand domain expertise needed to support customers interested in tapping into these areas.