Shaping Our Future: Academic Plan for 2008-2013


Start: 2008-07-30, Publication: 2012-04-20


PRIORITIES -- The most recent articulation of Ryerson’s overarching priorities is the Quality Agenda, with its emphasis on student engagement and success, expansion of SRC intensity, graduate growth, and reputation enhancement. These are essentially preserved in Shaping Our Future. Graduate growth will continue to be a priority, but is no longer a discrete category because the University is beyond the start-up phase of graduate education; it is an integrated component of Ryerson’s academic programs. Learning and Teaching Excellence appears as a separate category in this plan in order to emphasize our commitment to fostering a rich environment that makes opportunities for students and professors alike to experiment with ideas and to experience intellectual and professional growth. Shaping Our Future proposes five principal priorities:

Shaping Our Future identifies strategies that, taken together, will provide pathways within which the community may pursue its five principal priorities. These strategies are deliberately expressed at a macro level. Doing so is meant to give ample opportunity for the University’s various schools, departments, faculties, and other units to interpret and activate the strategies locally in ways that make the most sense in hundreds of unique circumstances and operations. At both the local and macro levels, it is assumed that the strategies would be pursued by linking academic goals and priorities to resource allocations that are fiscally sustainable and congruent with the University’s five priorities. It is understood that the priorities and strategies are not linked in a one-to-one correspondence because there are likely to be multiple vectors across the priorities and strategies. The capacity to pursue the strategies will of course depend on the budget, and over the five-year period of the Plan it may be necessary to engage in midcourse corrections. It will be the role of the various faculties, departments, schools, and other academic units to determine what they can do to move Ryerson forward along these paths, and how they can do it.


Name:Owen Ambur


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