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Publication: 2014-01-18


Solutions for a new world of scientific publishing


Name:Research Square


Research Square is a privately-held company founded by entrepreneur Shashi Mudunuri, who also created American Journal Experts in 2004, and who co-founded the new independent peer review company Rubriq. Research Square was created as a parent company with the purpose of incubating and launching startups without the burden of ties to any external funding, investors or shareholders.


  • Shashi MudunuriFounder

  • Global Research Community

  • Scientists

  • Researchers

  • Software Developers

  • Publishing Experts

  • Research Square Brands

  • American Journal ExpertsManuscript Preparation Services -- AJE provides English editing, field-specific translation, manuscript formatting, and figure preparation to international researchers publishing in scholarly journals.

  • AJE Expert EdgeResearcher Resources & Education -- Expert Edge provides free expert advice about writing and publishing scholarly manuscripts. Educational workshop and seminar information is also available on this site.

  • RubriqIndependent Peer Review -- Using standardized independent peer review, Rubriq helps authors anticipate reviewer objections, choose the best journal for their papers, and get published faster.

  • JournalGuideFree Search & Evaluation Tool -- JournalGuide helps authors find and compare scholarly journals. Researchers can also "review" a journal to share their publishing experiences with other authors.