IT Security Industry To Expand Tenfold


Start: 2013-08-14, Publication: 2013-08-14



Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Richard Stiennon


Forbes Contributor -- I cover the IT security industry for IT-Harvest. I am the author of Surviving Cyberwar, a Government Institutes book available on Amazon. I have presented at conferences and industry events in 26 countries on six continents. I am a prolific source for journalists and news media.


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  • GovernmentsGovernments around the world have commandeered the Internet, as Bruce Schneier so succinctly points out in The Atlantic.

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  • IT Security IndustryHow is that going to impact the IT security industry? This $60 billion industry researches, develops, and sells firewalls, anti-malware, authentication, encryption, and 80 other categories of products. With each advance in the threat level represented by hackers, cyber criminals, and cyber spies there has been a new batch of vendors which come on the scene to counter threats that bypass previous technologies and spending has increased. Spending on IT security is poised to grow tenfold in ten years.

  • Oil & Gas RefinersEvery organization from the largest oil and gas refiner, to the smallest bank has underspent on security. Classic risk management methodologies call for trade-offs in security. Unlikely events, Black Swans, are not accounted for.

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  • Defense ContractorsThis protect-against-the-known philosophy is what led to most defense contractors and even the Department of Defense being completely vulnerable to sophisticated targeted attacks from foreign spy agencies. The recent rapid growth of technology vendors to ward off cyber attacks is a blip compared to what is coming.

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  • Chinese Cyber SpiesEven the most sophisticated Chinese cyber spies do not appear to be well funded. They use shelf ware and their teams work regular hours.

  • NSAThe NSA on the other hand is shockingly replete with funds.

  • US Intelligence CommunityThe US Intelligence Community budget of $70 billion is twice the size of the Australian military budget.

  • GCHQThe NSA has donated $160 million to its sister agency, GCHQ, in the UK for intelligence gathering. The investment in creating Total Information Awareness over the last decade has stunned the industry.

  • IT Security VendorsThere will be a response to this threat against all communications. That response will be hundreds of new IT security vendors cropping up all over the world.

  • US CompaniesThanks to a dramatic increase in distrust of US companies this boom in technology will not be centered on Silicon Valley.

  • Cloud ProvidersJust as the draconian anti-encryption measures of the ‘90s drove development offshore, major cloud providers will have to push their engineering and research into countries that are more open and considerate of privacy and transparency.

  • EngineersAs engineers do, great minds around the world are today figuring out the technology to route around surveillance. The market is there. Funding will be readily available.

  • HuaweiIt will be the ultimate irony if a tech giant like Huawei becomes a trusted provider of infrastructure because there is less chance that its executives are secretly working with the NSA.

  • Roger GrimesWhat is needed to re-establish trustable communications? Roger Grimes sums up the difficulty, although his conclusion, to not use the Internet, is defeatist.,1&source=rss_