The Board


Publication: 2014-01-11



Name:Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board


The Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board is a non-partisan, non-political agency originally created by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA)... Power and Functions -- The Recovery Board was granted specific powers and functions under the Recovery Act: * Audit and review Recovery spending on its own or in collaboration with federal Inspectors General * Issue subpoenas to carry out audit and review responsibilities * Refer instances of fraud, waste, and mismanagement to federal Inspectors General * Hold public hearings and compel testimony through subpoenas * Enter into contracts with public agencies and private entities * Review whether there are sufficient and qualified personnel overseeing Recovery Act funds * Submit quarterly and annual reports to the President and Congress, as well as "flash reports" on potential problems that require immediate attention * Make recommendations to federal agencies on measures to prevent fraud, waste, and mismanagement of Recovery Act funds


  • Kathleen S. TIgheKathleen S. TIghe was appointed Chair of the Board by President Obama in December 2011, replacing Earl E. Devaney who retired. Eleven Inspectors General from various federal agencies serve with her.

  • The Honorable Calvin L. Scovel IIIVice Chairman

  • The Honorable Phyllis K. Fong

  • The Honorable Todd J. Zinser

  • The Honorable Gregory H. Friedman

  • The Honorable J. Russell George

  • The Honorable Daniel Levinson

  • The Honorable Eric M. Thorson

  • Mary L. Kendall

  • The Honorable Michael E. Horowitz

  • The Honorable Jon T. Rymer