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Publication: 2012-10-25


Once the Principled Societies Project is legally formed, first-year efforts will focus on fundraising, building organizational capacity, and planning and conducting the first preliminary study. This preliminary study is to create an agent-based computational economics (ACE) model of the Token Exchange System. The purpose of the mathematical model is to further develop the token concept, to identify operating parameters and data needs, and to investigate economic outcomes that might be produced in a live trial.

First-year costs for startup and operation of the Principled Societies Project and completion of the initial ACE model is estimated at $350,000. If the ACE model suggests that the Token Exchange System could be beneficial, the Project will continue forward with its plan to develop, run, and assess the first live pilot trial. The estimated time from founding the Project to completing the first two-year pilot trial is six years, given adequate funding.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Principled Societies Project


The Principled Societies Project is a science-based effort to design and test pioneering systems of finance, economics, and governance that improve well-being and speed the transition to a sustainable society.


  • John BoikThe starting framework for new financial, economic, and governance systems is the Principled Societies concept, as described in Creating Sustainable Societies: The Rebirth of Democracy and Local Economies, by John Boik. A synopsis and free PDF copy of the book are available [at]

  • Douglas White, Ph.D.Douglas White, Ph.D., Professor of Anthropology, Graduate Director, Social Networks at the University of California, Irvine is a collaborator on the modeling project.

  • DonorsYour support allows the Principled Societies Project to move forward in developing pilot trials to test innovative systems of finance, economics, and governance. We invite individuals, corporations, foundations, and others to support our efforts with a donation or grant. Volunteers are welcome too.

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  • VolunteersThe Principled Societies Project requests help from all sectors of society, including business, government, academia, finance, nonprofit, religious, law, labor, art, and media. Many opportunities will exist for getting involved as a volunteer or advisor. Nearly all academic disciplines can play a role. On an informal level, everyone can help by telling friends and colleagues about our efforts. If you have a web page, blog, or social media account, please link to us and post your thoughts about what we are doing. Any networking help you can offer is greatly appreciated. Of course, we are grateful for all donations, too. And please sign up for the newsletter. On a more formal level, we need assistance with a number of specific future tasks.

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