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Publication: 2013-06-27

The WorkPlace developed Platform to Employment (P2E) to address the need for the long term unemployed to return to work and the employer need to recruit skilled workers. The program is a public-private partnership which gives businesses a risk-free opportunity to evaluate and consider hiring participants during an eight-week work experience program. We offer individuals a five-week preparatory program, including skills assessment, career readiness workshops, employee assistance programs, coaching and more. Upon program completion, we help our participants find open positions at local companies. Placements are made on a trial basis, paid for by The WorkPlace. The expectation is that if the company is satisfied with the performance of the candidate, a full-time job will ensue.

The WorkPlace explored the challenges and life changing impacts that long term unemployment has on 99ers. We discovered that 99ers face social, emotional and skill deficiencies caused by the duration of their unemployment. We realized that only by eliminating employer risk during the hiring process will 99ers be evaluated fairly. P2E begins with a preparatory program designed to address the social, emotional and skill deficiencies caused by long term employment. A core element of this solution is a support system focusing on lasting performance improvements for participants. P2E incorporates a proven curriculum of self assessment, managing change, effective communication and successful job search strategies. Multi-media tools reinforce instructor led programs and cohort learning. During the preparatory program 99ers take action and fully realize their personal and professional potential. They develop new strategies for solving problems and create a positive change in themselves.


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Name:Platform to Employment


Platform to Employment is a public-private partnership giving businesses a risk-free opportunity to evaluate and consider hiring 99ers during an 8 week work experience program. During the 8 weeks, wages are subsidized with private investment funds and workers are placed on the payroll of The WorkPlace. The work experience program becomes an eight-week try out where 99ers can demonstrate they have skills, ability and drive to compete in the global marketplace.


  • The WorkPlacePlatform to Employment is a program of The WorkPlace -- The WorkPlace is a company of ideas and actions, resources and initiatives - all designed to strengthen the workforce. "Think it forward" is our corporate culture. Every discipline within our organization is encouraged to innovate and activate as we put ideas into motion for the greater good of the economy ...and society as a whole. From job training to ongoing education, The WorkPlace is the yardstick by which all workforce development efforts across the country will be measured. Funded by state and federal agencies, private foundations and corporations, The WorkPlace and its partners, community leaders and allies fully leverage the positive impact of our programs... The WorkPlace is a 501(c) non-profit organization

  • EmployersPlatform to Employment (P2E) helps your business find skilled, experienced employees. P2E offers businesses a risk-free opportunity to evaluate talent prior to making a hire. P2E works with businesses that have an existing, open position that needs to be filled. Currently, we are working in San Diego, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas and Connecticut. P2E matches employers with qualified, screened and ready-to-work job candidates. P2E will pay 100% of the first four weeks of an employee's wages. During this "trial period" the worker will be on the payroll of P2E. If the P2E job candidate is successful during the trial work experience, P2E will pay a percentage of the wages during the next four weeks. For the entire eight-week work experience, the employee remains on our payroll. After eight weeks, successful candidates transition from our payroll to yours. If the trial period ends and you are not satisfied, the hire does not happen. You are held free of risk.

  • 99ersWho Are The Long Term Unemployed? They represent all demographic groups. They are skilled trades' people, credentialed workers and educated leaders. They have years of professional experience in industries as diverse as business and financial services to construction and manufacturing. They represent all age groups and collectively present the skills needed to support our global economy. They are our friends and our neighbors. It is difficult to find someone who does not know of an unemployed worker. When you look at the demographics of the long term unemployed, you see a reflection of our communities. They are us. P2E supports this unique mix of talented workers. Our participants have led teams and departments. Others have been recognized for career accomplishments and promoted to the ranks of senior management. Higher education, lifelong learning, planning and communication skills are common themes in the resumes of these workers.

  • AARP FoundationSuccessful Connecticut Program Putting the Long-Term Unemployed Back to Work Will Go National -- The Platform to Employment (P2E) program will expand to 10 cities across United States. The WorkPlace with the support of AARP Foundation, Citi Community Development and the Walmart Foundation will grow the highly successful Platform to Employment (P2E) program, which creates a pathway to employment for the long-term unemployed.

  • Citi Community Development

  • Walmart Foundation

  • Community PartnersP2E works because of strong community partnerships which are essential in leading the long term unmeployed back to work.

  • Corporate CitizensGovernment action alone is not enough to improve dismal employment numbers. Social programs cannot rival the business sector when it comes to creating the jobs, wealth, and innovation that improve standards of living and social conditions over time. Strong corporate citizens are essential partners in leading long term unemployed back to work, especially in today's ever-changing business environment.

  • Key P2E Partners

  • Behavioral Health Consultants, LLCKey P2E Partner -- Behavioral Health Consultants, LLC provides job seeker assistance programs such as overcoming discouragment, substance abuse and managing change.

  • Career TeamKey P2E Partner -- Career Team is the facilitator of job seeker workshops where individual competency will be gauged and tested.

  • Harvard Business School Club of Connecticut Community PartnersKey P2E Partner -- The Harvard Business School Club of Connecticut Community Partners will measure the economic value of P2E.


  • AARP FoundationP2E Cornerstone Investor

  • Aquarion Water CompanyP2E Cornerstone Investor

  • AT&TP2E Cornerstone Investor

  • The Bank of FairfieldP2E Cornerstone Investor

  • Citi Community DevelopmentP2E Cornerstone Investor

  • Citizens Bank FoundationP2E Cornerstone Investor

  • The Community Foundation for Greater New HavenP2E Cornerstone Investor

  • The Community's BankP2E Cornerstone Investor

  • Carl HighsmithP2E Cornerstone Investor

  • H.J. Baker & Bro., Inc.P2E Cornerstone Investor

  • Frederick A. DeLuca FoundationP2E Cornerstone Investor

  • Fairfield County Community FoundationP2E Cornerstone Investor

  • The Goodnow FundP2E Cornerstone Investor

  • Institute of Environmental Management and TechnologyP2E Cornerstone Investor

  • JPMorgan Chase FoundationP2E Cornerstone Investor

  • Lone Pine FoundationP2E Cornerstone Investor

  • Lewis and Jean MillerP2E Cornerstone Investor

  • McMahon VenturesP2E Cornerstone Investor

  • Microboard Processing, Inc.P2E Cornerstone Investor

  • Near and Far Aid Association, Inc.P2E Cornerstone Investor

  • New Alliance FoundationP2E Cornerstone Investor

  • New Canaan Community FoundationP2E Cornerstone Investor

  • The Oaklawn FoundationP2E Cornerstone Investor

  • People's United BankP2E Cornerstone Investor

  • Pitney Bowes FoundationP2E Cornerstone Investor

  • PTM Charitable FoundationP2E Cornerstone Investor

  • Purdue Pharma L.P.P2E Cornerstone Investor

  • R.C. Bigelow, Inc.P2E Cornerstone Investor

  • The Betty R. & Ralph Sheffer FoundationP2E Cornerstone Investor

  • TD Charitable FoundationP2E Cornerstone Investor

  • Thomson Reuters FoundationP2E Cornerstone Investor

  • Touchstone HealthP2E Cornerstone Investor

  • Tudor FoundationP2E Cornerstone Investor

  • United IlluminatingP2E Cornerstone Investor

  • Webster BankP2E Cornerstone Investor

  • Wells Fargo FoundationP2E Cornerstone Investor

  • Xerox FoundationP2E Cornerstone Investor