New York City's Digital Roadmap: Progress and Innovation


Start: 2012-08-31, Publication: 2013-03-08



Name:Owen Ambur


Name:New York City



  • Michael R. BloombergMayor

  • Robert K. SteelDeputy Mayor

  • Katherine L. OliverCommissioner, Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment

  • Todd AsherFirst Deputy Commissioner, Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment

  • Christopher M. CoffeyAssistant Commissioner, External and Intergovernmental Affairs, Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment

  • Allie KlevaAssociate Commissioner, Marketing and Strategic Partnerships, Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment

  • Rachel SterneChief Digital Officer, nyc digital

  • Ivy LiDigital Communications Director, nyc digital

  • Brooklyn Public Library (BPL)THE BROOKLYN PUBLIC LIBRARY -- The Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) is Brooklyn's largest provider of free Wi-Fi and offers access to computers and the internet for tens of thousands of Brooklynites. System-wide, BPL offers approximately 1,300 public-access computers, and each year, on average, the Library provides 2.3 million personal computer sessions. Since 2010, BPL has expanded its broadband internet capacity by 77%, and last year, BPL significantly enhanced technology programs and resources at eight of its libraries located in underserved communities. These libraries now offer a total of 95 new lending laptops for use inside the library, roughly three times as many computer classes, and increased broadband internet speed. Since July 2011, these libraries have offered more than 40,000 laptop sessions, for a total of over 60,000 hours of laptop usage. In December 2011, BPL also opened a state-of-the-art, 50-seat Computer Center at the Central Library. The new Center is the largest technology hub in the Brooklyn Public Library system and features the first rollout of the Library's next generation of public computers.

  • New York Public Library (NYPL)THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY -- Bibliocommons -- Over the past year, the New York Public Library (NYPL) partnered with the company Bibliocommons to launch a new catalog that has quickly become the most popular page at The new catalog has better search functionality and interactive features such as user generated "lists" of recommended books. This interactive resource brings together patrons from NYPL and beyond, including all of Bibliocommons' participating libraries.

  • PotionBiblion -- To increase access to NYPL's materials and reach a wider group of individuals, NYPL partnered with design and technology firm Potion to transform its old collections magazine into the Library's first-ever iPad app. The first edition launched in May 2011 and highlighted the Library's 1939-1940 World's Fair collection. Through original essays, digitized photos and letters, video and audio and more, the app—which Apple Inc. named best education app of 2011—recreated the feel of exploring the Library's holdings at home, giving anyone the opportunity to research the World's Fair. A second edition of the app launched in spring 2012.

  • Queens LibraryQUEENS LIBRARY -- In Queens, more than three million library users access 1,550 public-use computers and 600 laptops, and many more use Wi-Fi with their own devices. Queens Library also offers courses to improve digital literacy and free computer workshops available in English, Spanish, Chinese and other languages. In addition to adult education at all levels, Queens Library offers a free, open portal for advanced online training and internationally-recognized certifications for high-value tech skills, such as Cisco certification, Six Sigma, CompTIA Strata and more. In total over 1,000 people are counseled every month on job-specific technology skills from resume writing to software training. Finally, the library reference service is now available via text, email or chat, and users have the option to borrow a Nook with their library card.