DRAFT National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace


Start: 2010-06-25, Publication: 2010-06-27


This Strategy provides a vision for how users, service providers, and other stakeholders can improve their use of digital identities in online transactions. High-level actions are proposed that support the development and maintenance of governance, management, and execution-level activities needed to achieve the Identity Ecosystem. Our reliance on cyberspace as a means to conduct business and exchange information will continue to grow in the years ahead, and with it our need to trust the identities of those with whom we interact online. The protection of the identities of individuals and organizations while conducting online transactions is pivotal to protecting open commerce, promoting innovation, and securing our Nation’s critical assets. The Identity Ecosystem demonstrates the ability to protect individual rights, provide enhanced privacy, and prevent fraud to mitigate the risk of identity theft and malfeasant behavior online. The Federal Government, in collaboration with individuals, businesses, non-profits, advocacy groups, associations, and other governments, must lead the way to improve how identities are trusted and used in cyberspace. Ongoing collaboration between private and public sectors has already resulted in significant gains towards establishing Identity Ecosystem components. However, much more remains to be done. There is a compelling need to address these problems as soon as is practical, making progress in the short-term and planning for the long-term. For the Nation to realize the vision of this Strategy and associated benefits, all stakeholders must come together in a collaborative partnership. The scope of this effort requires coordination across many boundaries and will require involvement and leadership from all sectors.


Name:Owen Ambur


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