Start: 2010-12-31, Publication: 2013-01-15


NOAA's Next-Generation Strategic Plan will identify what NOAA should produce in the future (i.e., outputs), and why those outputs are important (i.e., outcomes). Distinguishing between outcomes and outputs gives NOAA the flexibility to change what it produces while staying true to its ultimate mission and vision. The purpose of the Plan is four-fold: * NOAA's management can make well-reasoned, transparent investment choices based upon administration and stakeholder priorities and upon NOAA's potential to satisfy them; * NOAA can properly align requirements for resources with requirements for services, and with administration and stakeholder priorities (and demonstrate this alignment); * NOAA's managers (and stakeholders) can monitor Agency performance (i.e., the quality and efficiency of services) and the effectiveness of outputs in contributing to societal outcomes; and * NOAA's business lines, staff, partners, and stakeholders can cooperate on solutions with a common understanding of roles, responsibilities, and the meaning of "success."

The objectives identified in this plan are the basis for NOAA's corporate planning, performance management, and stakeholder engagement over the next five years. Objectives are specific outcomes NOAA can achieve on the path to broader, long-term goals and toward a more capable, flexible enterprise. They are measureable and can be affected by specified activities over a five-year period. NOAA's Line Offices and Staff Offices will be accountable for executing the strategy laid out in this document through implementation plans at a tactical (rather than strategic) level of detail. Where there are shared capabilities to achieve an objective, there will also be joint accountability for budgeting, executing, and performing toward that objective. NOAA will systematically monitor and evaluate its performance toward the outcome-oriented goals and objectives in this plan. Evaluating performance will allow NOAA to learn from its successes and failures, improve continually as an organization, and deliver better on the promise of its mission of science, service, and stewardship. NOAA's performance measures, including those required under the Government Performance and Results Act, are published annually in the NOAA Annual Performance Plan and Performance Accountability Report. NOAA's Next-Generation Strategic Plan supports the DOC's Strategic Plan and Annual Performance Plan. A direct relationship between NOAA's goals and objectives and the goals and performance measures is included in the annual budget submission to DOC. DOC uses this information for its Annual Performance Plan and Performance and Accountability Report, which integrate outcomes and performance measures across the Department.


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  • Jane Lubchenco, Ph.D.Undersecretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere