Welcome to the Northern Leadership Center


Publication: 2010-07-25



Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Northern Leadership Center


The Northern Leadership Center (NLC) is the face for leadership initiatives at UAF, the link between leadership programs and the outreach arm to assist and coordinate leadership activities on campus, in the greater Fairbanks community and throughout the State of Alaska. Serving as a central resource for leadership programs, NLC focuses on developing pre-collegiate, collegiate, alumni and community leaders at the University and in Alaska. UAF students are tomorrow’s local, state, and national leaders. The NLC offers Alaska’s emerging leaders the best environment and resources to develop their leadership potential and enhance their overall educational experience. The NLC fosters productive collaboration between academic and co-curricular programs, enabling leadership development at all levels.


  • University of Alaska - Fairbanks

  • UAF Leadership Initiative Task ForceThe NLC brings together members of the UAF Leadership Initiative Task Force to share ideas, resources, leadership activities and opportunities, and to develop teams to work on new leadership initiatives at UAF.

  • Nicole CundiffAssistant Professor in Business Administration (Organizational Behavior) and Director of the Northern Leadership Center.