Publication: 2013-08-29



Name:Owen Ambur


Name:National Fire Protection Association


The world's leading advocate of fire prevention and an authoritative source on public safety, NFPA develops, publishes, and disseminates more than 300 consensus codes and standards intended to minimize the possibility and effects of fire and other risks.


  • NFPA BOARD OF DIRECTORSNFPA board members are chosen from various disciplines and backgrounds and are elected based on experience in business, finance, or administration; respect of peers; respect as a member of the safety community; commitment to the Association's goals; and appreciation for the relationship NFPA must maintain with the changing needs of society.

  • Philip C. StittleburgChair: Chief, La Farge Fire Department, La Farge, WI

  • Ernest J. GrantFirst Vice Chair: Outreach Nurse Clinician, North Carolina Jaycee Burn Center, UNC Hospitals, Chapel Hill, NC

  • Philip J. DiNennoSecond Vice Chair: President, Hughes Associates Inc., Baltimore, MD

  • Randolph W. TuckerSecretary: Consultant, The Woodlands, TX

  • H. Wayne Boyd,Treasurer: President/CEO, U.S. Safety & Engineering Corporation, Sacramento, CA

  • Thomas W. Jaeger, PEImmediate Past Chair: President, Jaeger & Associates, LLC., Great Falls, VA

  • James M. ShannonPresident/CEO: NFPA, Quincy, MA

  • Amy R. ActonBoard Member: Executive Director, The Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, Inc., Grandville, MI

  • James M. ClarkBoard Member: Germantown, TN

  • Donald R. CookBoard Member: Chief Electrical Inspector, Shelby County, AL

  • Kwame CooperBoard Member: Battalion Chief, Los Angeles City Fire Department, Los Angeles, CA

  • Peter M. HollandBoard Member: Chief Fire Officer, Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service, Preston, Lancashire, UK

  • Tonya L. HooverBoard Member: State Fire Marshal, Sacramento, CA

  • Brian J. HurleyBoard Member: Palm Beach, FL

  • Thomas A. LawsonBoard Member: Executive Vice President, FM Global, Johnston, RI

  • William J. McCammonBoard Member: Executive Director, East Bay Regional Communications System Authority, Dublin, CA

  • Ned Pettus, Jr.Board Member: Fire Chief, Columbus Division of Fire, Columbus, OH

  • Julie A. RochmanBoard Member: President & CEO, Institute for Business & Home Safety, Tampa, FL

  • Harold A. SchaitbergerBoard Member: General President, IAFF, Washington, DC

  • Dean L. SeaversBoard Member: President, Red Hawk Fire & Security U.S.

  • William A. StewartBoard Member: Toronto, ON, Canada

  • Keith E. WilliamsBoard Member: President/CEO, Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., Northbrook, IL

  • Peter J.G. Willse, P.E., FSFPEBoard Member: Vice President, Director of Research, XL GAPS, Hartford, CT

  • NFPA Association Officers

  • Bruce MullenSenior Vice President and CFO: NFPA Quincy, MA

  • Dennis J. BerryAssistant Secretary: NFPA, Quincy, MA


  • James M. ShannonPresident and Chief Executive Officer

  • Nancy L. PerkinsExecutive Administrator

  • Lisa A. YarussiVice President, Human Resources

  • Maureen B. BrodoffVice President and General Counsel

  • Dennis J. BerrySecretary of the Corporation and Director of Licensing

  • Lorraine CarliVice President, Communications

  • Peg O'BrienAdministrator, Public Affairs

  • Mike HazellDivision Manager, Web Publishing

  • Judith L. ComolettiDivision Manager, Public Education

  • David NussDivision Manager, Wildland Fire Operations

  • Linda CoyleSr. Administrative Assistant, Wildland Fire Operations

  • Bruce H. MullenExecutive Vice President and CFO, Finance and Accounting

  • Brian WalshDivision Manager, Finance

  • Francis T. HoganDivision Manager, Accounting & Taxation

  • Nancy HurleyDivision Manager, Real Estate & Building Services

  • Richard T. SterlingDivision Director, Information Services

  • Paul G. CrossmanVice President, Marketing and Sales

  • Melinda CollinsExecutive Administrative Assistant

  • Linda BaileyDivision Manager, Conferences and Meetings

  • Tara Hastings-HealyAdministrative Assistant, Conferences and Meetings

  • Paul G. CrossmanVice President, Marketing & Sales - Logistics & Fulfillment

  • Andrew WandellDivision Director, Marketing and Sales

  • Kathleen M. RuneySr. Administrative Assistant, Marketing and Sales

  • Kimberly A. FontesDivision Director, Product Development and Production

  • Nancy M. ZagrodnyProject Administrator, Product Development and Production

  • Christian DubayVice President, Codes and Standards, and Chief Engineer

  • Christine M. EllisExecutive Administrative Assistant, Codes and Standards

  • Amy B. CroninDivision Manager, Codes and Standards Administration, Secretary to Standards Council

  • Rosanne M. ForanSr. Adminstrative Assistant, Codes and Standards Administration

  • Kenneth R. WilletteDivision Manager, Public Fire Protection

  • Amy SturtevantAdministrative Assistant, Public Fire Protection

  • Robert E. SolomonDivision Manager, Building Fire Protection and Life Safety

  • Linda MacKayAdministrative Assistant, Building Fire Protection and Life Safety

  • William M. BurkeDivision Manager, Electrical

  • Carol HendersonSr. Administrative Assistant, Electrical

  • Richard P. BielenDivision Manager, Fire Protection Systems

  • Patti J. MucciAdministrative Assistant, Fire Protection Systems

  • Guy R. ColonnaDivision Manager, Industrial and Chemical Engineering

  • Donald P. BlissVice President, Field Operations

  • Barbara DunnRegional Operations Administrator, Field Operations

  • Gregory CadeDivision Director, Government Affairs

  • Shameka WileySr. Administrative Assistant, Government Affairs

  • Olga CaledoniaDivision Manager, International Operations

  • Kathleen H. AlmandVice President, Research

  • John R. Hall, Jr.Division Director, Fire Analysis and Research

  • Helen J. ColumboSr. Administrative Assistant, Fire Analysis and Research