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Start: 2011-12-30, Publication: 2012-03-04


This document reports on the key themes and ideas that were developed from the public online conversation, ‘A National Dialogue on Improving Federal Websites’.

The feedback and ideas generated by the Dialogue are a critical part of the .gov Reform Initiative to streamline how the Federal government manages its websites and to provide a better customer experience when people access government information and services online. By bringing together web experts, policymakers, and citizens to submit ideas, discuss the ideas, and vote on them, the Federal government heard and captured rich stakeholder feedback to drive its reform efforts. Ideas were submitted on the following campaigns: 1. Developing practices, policies, and principles that should guide the federal web in the next 5 years 2. Creating better user experience, navigation, and design 3. Improving content to make it more readable, engaging, and useful 4. Improving how services and transactions are delivered 5. Providing universal access to government content online, regardless of device or technology 6. Optimizing the way the public is able to search for federal content 7. Ensuring content on federal websites is integrated with social media and other third-party websites 8. Improve how federal websites protect privacy and security 9. Reaching global audiences and people with limited English proficiency 10. Optimizing government IT and infrastructure to more efficiently manage government websites 11. Improving access to government information and services beyond websites (mobile, broadband, etc.) 12. Using data, apps, APIs and similar technology to improve delivery of information and services The ideas that were generated will help inform what practices, standards, and policies should be adopted in order to have the most positive impact on citizens and businesses. Specifically, the Federal Government will use the Dialogue to help inform development of the Federal Web Strategy and to update federal web policies in the coming months.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:National Dialogue on Improving Federal Websites .gov Task Force


The National Dialogue on Improving Federal Websites (the Dialogue) is an online crowdsourcing activity that was sponsored by the White House and the U.S. General Services Administration between September 19th and October 4th, 2011. Using an online idea generation tool, the Dialogue brought together a community of stakeholders who are geographically dispersed and difficult to convene in one place to discuss the best ideas for how to improve federal websites.


  • National Website Improvement ParticipantsOverall, nearly 1,000 registered participants submitted 436 unique ideas, made 1663 comments, and voted 8259 times. The themes described in this report represent a summary of this content. The full Dialogue is available online at