Open Government Plan


Start: 2010-04-07, Publication: 2010-05-17


The NASA Open Government Plan is divided into two main sections: the “Framework and Leadership” section and 25 fact sheets. The “Framework and Leadership” section describes NASA’s history of openness and outlines our framework for approaching Open Government. This framework is based on: a perspective of continuous learning; integration of policy, technology, and culture; and the rapidly changing external environment. We believe that integrating Open Government Principles into existing systems (e.g., governance councils and performance management system) provides the best framework for success. Through this plan we establish a solid foundation for institutional change based on the five NASA Open Government principles.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:National Aeronautics and Space Administration


NASA is a community of scientists, engineers, and other professionals who explore the Earth and space for the benefit of humankind. As we uncover increasing knowledge about the universe and solve difficult engineering challenges, we are continuously experimenting in labs, workshops, and offices. We gather and analyze information about our universe, requiring perseverance and creativity to solve unique challenges. Unlocking the complex systems of the cosmos does not come with an operating manual. Instead, we create hypotheses, conduct experiments, and refine our mental models and conceptual frameworks based on evidence and experience.


  • Linda Y. CuretonNASA Chief Information Officer

  • Elizabeth (Beth) RobinsonNASA Chief Financial Officer