NASACT Strategic Plan, FY 2011-2013


Start: 2011-01-01, End: 2013-12-31, Publication: 2012-09-16



Name:Owen Ambur


Name:National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers and Treasurers


The National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers and Treasurers is an organization for state officials who deal with the financial management of state government. NASACT’s membership is comprised of officials who have been elected or appointed to the offices of state auditor, state comptroller or state treasurer in the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and U.S. territories. NASACT has a headquarters office in Lexington, Kentucky, and a second office in Washington, D.C. The Association plans and manages training and technical assistance programs and handles numerous requests for information each year from state auditors, comptrollers, treasurers, and other government officials, as well as the private sector. NASACT monitors federal legislation and agency developments that have an impact on state government and acts as a liaison to federal regulatory bodies and Congressional committees on issues of interest to members. NASACT uses its expertise to provide responses to technical standards-setting bodies, helping to ensure the highest standards of government transparency, accountability and integrity.


  • State Auditors

  • State Comptrollers

  • State Treasurers

  • R. Kinney Poynter, CPAExecutive Director

  • Pat HackneyAdministrative Assistant

  • Glenda JohnsonCommunications Manager

  • Fay KurkjyPeer Review Coordinator

  • Donna Maloy, CMPConference Manager

  • Kim O’Ryan, CPANASC Association Manager

  • Adrian (AJ) PuryearIT/Web Manager

  • Sherri Rowland, CPANSAA Association Director

  • Lori SlagleFinance Manager

  • Cornelia ChebinouWashington Office Director

  • Tanya GraysonAdministrative Assistant, Washington Office

  • Neal HutchkoPolicy Analyst

  • Training and Professional Development CommitteeDevelops and plans the technical program for the NASACT annual conference. Provides input on topics for NASACT webinars and the Training Seminars Program.

  • Committee on Accounting, Reporting and Auditing (CARA)Meets via conference call to discuss accounting, fi nancial reporting, auditing, and other matters related to the fi nancial management of government

  • Financial Management and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee (FMIAC)Monitors issues related to state/federal partnerships and improving relationships with federal finance officials.

  • International CommitteeStudies opportunities and makes recommendations on NASACT’s involvement in activities which support emerging democracies worldwide.

  • Governmental Accounting Standards and Market Oversight (GASMO) CommitteeMonitors issues related to the Governmental Accounting Standards Board and the municipal bond market.

  • Membership CommitteeResponsible for outreach to new and existing state auditors, comptrollers and treasurers and addressing membership-related issues.

  • Audit CommitteeCoordinates and provides staff to conduct NASACT’s annual audit.

  • Budget CommitteePrepares NASACT’s annual budget.

  • Constitution and Bylaws CommitteeHandles requests for and recommends changes to NASACT’s constitution and bylaws.

  • Nominating CommitteeRecommends a slate of officers for election by the membership at NASACT’s annual conference.

  • Personnel CommitteeReviews policies and recommendations regarding personnel actions.

  • Resolutions CommitteePrepares and presents resolutions for consideration at NASACT’s annual conference.

  • Strategic Planning CommitteePrepares the annual strategic plan and monitors NASACT’s activities.

  • Time and Place CommitteeMakes recommendations to the NASACT Executive Committee on sites for NASACT’s annual conference.

  • Faster Financial Reporting Work GroupExamines issues surrounding states’ abilities to issue timely financial reports. This is a work group of NASACT’s Committee on Accounting, Reporting and Auditing (CARA).

  • FAF/GASB/GASAC Selection Task ForceCoordinates the selection of NASACT representatives for various outside interests.

  • Center for Governmental Financial ManagementA 501(c)(3) organization created by NASACT to facilitate the management of the Association’s international projects.

  • Governmental Accounting Standards Advisory Council (GASAC)NASACT maintains representation on the council.