Customer Service Plan


Start: 2011-10-20, Publication: 2012-04-29

Source: Customer Service Plan.pdf

This customer service plan represents a few of the activities leveraged by NASA to engage the public. NASA is committed to sharing its mission with the public, educators, students, scientists, small business and other stakeholders, as well as to develop opportunities to foster innovation and contribute to a strong national economy.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has a long tradition of enabling professionals, interested amateurs, educators, students, and the general public to actively participate in its missions of research and development, science, discovery, and human exploration. The goal of such public engagement is to provide opportunities for active involvement of individuals in the experience of, as contributors to, and collaborators in, NASA’s research, science, and discovery activities. These opportunities deepen the public’s understanding, appreciation, and ownership in NASA Mission. In turn, these opportunities tap into the nation’s creativity and capabilities. The spectrum of activities ranges from passive receipt of routine information, to citizens using their computers to help collect satellite data for programs, to direct hands-­‐on activities such as students building and operating experiments and/or flight hardware, to citizen scientists collaborating on interpretation of data and discoveries. The Agency is uniquely positioned to introduce a broader community to the benefits of aeronautics and space research and development. The emergence of new communication technologies, computer and mobile applications, high definition imagery, social media, and an emphasis on greater transparency in government activities provides NASA a new environment for increasing engagement opportunities. In Executive Order (EO) 13571, issued on April 27, 2011, the President stated that, "with advances in technology and service delivery systems in other sectors, the public's expectations of the Government have continued to rise," and that the Government "must keep pace with and even exceed those expectations." In addition, the President made clear that the Government "must also address the need to improve its services, not only to individuals, but also to private and Governmental entities to which the agency directly provides significant services."


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:National Aeronautics and Space Administration