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Publication: 2012-07-26



Name:Owen Ambur


Name:National Aerospace Organization


Our Ombudsman Role: We maintain our status as an unbiased ombudsman articulating the abilities of private industry while balancing these capabilities against the requirements of government agencies. This impartial status gives the National Aerospace Organization a unique ability to fairly and equitably assist Federal agencies, prime contractors, small businesses and qualified job candidates for the mutual benefit of all.


  • Department of Defense

  • Air Force

  • Naval and Marine Corps Aviation

  • Army Aviation

  • NASA

  • Small BusinessesWe are a strong advocate for small businesses with emerging technologies and superior services that can benefit our military services and aerospace operations.

  • Colonel John D. ThomasU.S. Air Force (Retired) President, National Aerospace Organization (NAO) -- As the President of the National Aerospace Organization, Colonel Thomas coordinates the participation of private industry and government with educational technology forums and symposiums for Department of Defense and NASA agencies. At these events, promising technologies, innovative systems, and cost effective processes are briefed and discussed. He also serves as a senior ombudsman balancing the needs of the U.S. Government with the capabilities of private industry. The National Aerospace Organization promotes technical feasibility studies and evaluations of government defense systems. This organization also identifies and advocates solutions to critical problems affecting the implementation of important national security programs.

  • Colonel Ron R. RadfordU.S. Air Force (Retired) Professor of Air Force Business Development

  • Lieutenant Colonel N. Alex ThagardU.S. Air Force (Retired) Director of International Air Force Programs (NAO) -- As the Director of International Air Force Programs for the National Aerospace Organization, Lieutenant Colonel Thagard exposes private industry to the insider’s viewpoints on how the US government’s Foreign Military Sales (FMS) system functions. This exposure works hand in hand with informing industry leaders and business developers on how to team with defense companies of varying sizes, both in the US and abroad. The National Aerospace Organization will explain how friendly foreign governments interact with the US government, at various department levels, including: state, defense, and homeland security.

  • Lieutenant Colonel Lawrence R. DowlingU.S. Air Force (Retired) Director of Air National Guard Programs (NAO)

  • Major Gary A. LehmannU.S. Air Force (Retired) Professor of Federal Contracting and Acquisition Policy (NAO)

  • Dr. Robert N. McGrathProfessor of Aerospace Business Administration and Project Management

  • Dr. Trudy TappanConference Coordinator (NAO)

  • Karen SmutzOfficial NAO Photographer