Performance and Accountability Report for Fiscal Year 2010


Start: 2009-10-01, End: 2010-09-30, Publication: 2010-12-01



Name:Owen Ambur


Name:U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board



  • Susan Tsui Grundmann
    • Chairman (Performer)

  • Ernest A. CameronChief Financial Officer
    •  (Performer)

  • BoardThe Board Members adjudicate the cases brought to the MSPB. The bipartisan Board consists of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Member, with no more than two of its three members from the same political party. Board members are appointed by the President, confirmed by the Senate, and serve overlapping, non-renewable seven-year terms. The Chairman, by statute, is the chief executive and administrative officer of the MSPB. Office Directors report to the Chairman through the Executive Director.
    • Board Member (Performer)

  • Office of the Administrative Law JudgeThe Office of the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) adjudicates and issues initial decisions in corrective and disciplinary action complaints (including Hatch Act complaints) brought by the Special Counsel, proposed agency actions against ALJs, MSPB employee appeals, and other cases assigned by the MSPB. The functions of this office are currently performed by ALJs at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) under interagency agreements.
    • Administrative Law Judge (Performer)

  • Office of Appeals CounselThe Office of Appeals Counsel conducts legal research and prepares proposed decisions for the Board in cases where a party petitions for review of an Administrative Judge’s (AJ) initial decision and in most other cases decided by the Board. The office prepares proposed decisions on interlocutory appeals of rulings made by judges, makes recommendations on reopening cases on the Board’s own motion, and provides research and policy memoranda to the Board on legal issues.
    • Appeals Counsel (Performer)

  • Office of the Clerk of the BoardThe Office of the Clerk of the Board receives and processes cases filed at MSPB headquarters, rules on certain procedural matters, and issues MSPB decisions and orders. The office serves as MSPB’s public information center, coordinates media relations, produces public information publications, operates MSPB’s library and on-line information services, and administers the Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act programs. The office also certifies official records to the courts and Federal administrative agencies, and manages MSPB’s records systems, legal research systems, and the Government in the Sunshine Act program.
    • Clerk of the Board (Performer)

  • Office of Equal Employment OpportunityThe Office of Equal Employment Opportunity plans, implements, and evaluates MSPB’s equal employment opportunity programs. It processes complaints of alleged discrimination brought by agency employees and provides advice and assistance on affirmative employment initiatives to MSPB’s managers and supervisors.
    •  (Performer)

  • Office of Financial and Administrative ManagementThe Office of Financial and Administrative Management administers the budget, accounting, travel, time and attendance, human resources, procurement, property management, physical security, and general services functions of the MSPB. It develops and coordinates internal management programs, including review of internal controls agencywide. It also administers the agency’s cross-servicing agreements with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Finance Center for payroll services, U.S. Department of the Treasury, Bureau of the Public Debt for accounting services, and U.S. Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service for human resources management services.
    •  (Performer)

  • Office of the General CounselThe Office of the General Counsel, as legal counsel to the MSPB, advises the Board and MSPB offices on a wide range of legal matters arising from day-to-day operations. The office represents the MSPB in litigation; prepares proposed decisions for the Board to enforce a final MSPB decision or order, in response to requests to review OPM regulations, and for other assigned cases; conducts the agency’s petition for review settlement program; and coordinates the agency’s legislative policy and congressional relations functions. The office drafts regulations, conducts MSPB’s ethics program, and plans and directs audits and investigations.
    • General Counsel (Performer)

  • Office of Information Resources ManagementThe Office of Information Resources Management develops, implements, and maintains MSPB’s automated information systems to help the agency manage its caseload efficiently and carry out its administrative and research responsibilities.
    • Information Resources Management (Performer)

  • Office of Policy and EvaluationThe Office of Policy and Evaluation carries out MSPB’s statutory responsibility to conduct special studies of the civil service and other Federal merit systems. Reports of these studies are sent to the President and the Congress and are distributed to a national audience. The office provides information and advice to Federal agencies on issues that have been the subject of MSPB studies. The office also conducts special projects for the agency and has responsibility for preparing MSPB’s strategic and performance plans and performance reports required by the Government Performance and Results Act.
    •  (Performer)

  • Office of Regional OperationsThe Office of Regional Operations oversees the agency’s six regional and two field offices, which receive and process appeals and related cases. It also manages MSPB’s Mediation Appeals Program (MAP). AJs in the regional and field offices are responsible for adjudicating assigned cases and for issuing fair, well-reasoned, and timely initial decisions.
    •  (Performer)