Corporate Strategy of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy (MEE): Options for Finland’s Labour and Industrial Policy


Start: 2010-02-25, Publication: 2010-11-09


The baseline for the Corporate Strategy is the Cabinet Programme, and the related further definitions made at the midpoint of the current term of office. Accordingly, in its economic policy, the Government will concentrate on improving employment and productivity. Additionally, the prevention of climate change is a key target. The Corporate Strategy covers the policy sectors of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, and provides argumentation for labour and industrial policy decisions. These policy definitions are further defined by the sectoral strategies that fall under the administration of the MEE Corporate. The Corporate Strategy defines target policy definitions which steer Corporate operations. However, these focal areas by no means cover all of the activities that fall under the responsibility of the MEE Corporate.

Summary -- Based on extensive knowledge and intellectual capital, the cooperative activities of the MEE Corporate will enable proactive operations, rapid reactions and appropriate, well-targeted measures throughout the administrative sector, central government and regionally. Open-mindedness and contemporary modes of operation will make the MEE Corporate a forerunner. The objective is that, by 2015, the competitiveness, employment levels and well-being of both Finland and Europe are of the highest level in global terms. The MEE Corporate will implement effective actions with a significant impact, aiming at recovery from the economic crisis while continuing the implementation of the Corporate’s long-term strategy. As a consequence of the financial crisis, youth unemployment has developed into an acute problem. The structural changes caused by globalisation present major challenges, but also offer opportunities for renewal. In addition to developing the domestic operating environment, it is imperative that we also influence joint international policies. The utilisation of innovations, and enterprises aiming at internationalisation and growth, will be encouraged through, for example, regulation, taxation, funding and targeted services. Furthermore, strong innovation clusters will be created in order to enhance the international reputation and attractiveness of Finland. As the population ages and the labour force shrinks, all labour force reserves must be made available to ensuring economic growth. Achieving high employment levels will require a broad scope of meas-ures that support employment and the development of working life. Alongside productivity, the quality of working life must be improved in both the private and public sectors. In the public sector, specifically in public services, productivity development has been clearly weaker than in the private sector. The targets set by energy policies can only be achieved through powerful measures and the adoption of new steering methods. The use of renewable energy and increased energy efficiency aim at improving the self-sufficiency and delivery accuracy of energy procurement, while ensuring that the price of elec-tricity remains moderate.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Ministry of Employment and the Economy


The MEE Corporate is a global player which influences the competitiveness of the EU by promoting the openness of the internal market and supporting the efficiency of the EU’s economic, social and regional cohesion policies. The MEE Corporate is a forerunner in the renewal of practices. Within the Corporate, the cumulative effect of the activities of the Ministry, its Units, Departments and contractual associates is more than the sum of its parts. The Corporate’s shared practices, combined with strong cooperation across organisational boundaries as part of public administration activities as a whole, are the key to its success. In the global economy, efficient and functional public administration has a strong influence on competitiveness. Through its operations, the MEE Corporate supports the development of the Finnish information soci-ety. Here, its aim is to provide the full rang of essential services for citizens and companies as elec-tronic services by the year 2013. Changes in the operating environment, and the recognition and strengthening of regional development potential, require strong coordination and effective forecasting from the MEE Corporate. The goal of the regional administration reform of early 2010 is to enhance the citizen and customer orientation, profitability and efficiency of regional administration. Strong leadership from the Ministry and sound co-operation between various parties are the prerequisites for achieving this goal. A matrix organisa-tion provides an excellent opportunity for unifying various policy sectors into a strong, comprehensive development policy. The MEE Corporate is leading this development, setting examples in terms of internal corporate opera-tions, operational tools and in the development of worklife-related activities. The Corporate encour-ages communications across the board, competence development and renewal, as well as the question-ing of established procedures and policies. Creativity is endorsed while acknowledging the risks re-lated to new solutions. Utilisation of the Corporate's knowledge, knowhow and vision is boosted through up-to-date tools and methods.


  • MEE CorporateRole of the MEE Corporate -- The MEE Corporate will create the operating environment for Finnish labour and indus-try. The Corporate’s chief target is high and sustainable employment. In order to achieve this goal, the Corporate will promote productivity, competence and economic and re-gional competitiveness on an international level. The MEE Corporate is responsible for the functioning of the labour and commodity markets, the de-velopment of worklife ground rules and that of favourable operational and developmental precondi-tions for both enterprises and employees. Balanced regional development, equality and sustainable growth are objectives that cut through all of the Corporate’s activities. The objective is Finland’s continued development as an attractive and dynamic operating environment for both Finnish and foreign companies. Key aspects include the renewal and improvement of produc-tivity in enterprises as well as in the public administration.