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Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Markets for Good


Markets for Good is an effort by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation, and the progressive financial firm Liquidnet to improve the system for generating, sharing, and acting upon data and information in the social sector. Our vision is of a social sector powered by information, where interventions are more effective and innovative, where capital flows efficiently to the organizations that are having the greatest impact, and where there is a dynamic culture of continuous learning and development.


  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  • William & Flora Hewlett Foundation

  • Liquidnet

  • Markets for Good ContributorsMarkets for Good represents views from many fields. We would welcome your contribution.

  • Eric J. Henderson* Markets For Good Interview: Debbie Adler * On Fundraising, Data, and Live Music! * A Few Questions About "How Companies Learn Your Secrets" * Challenging The Big Data Narrative: "Most data isn't ‘big' ..."

  • Lucy Bernholz, Ph.D.Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society * The Grand Challenge Of Data Interoperability * Lucy Bernholz: Let Our Data Define Us, Part II * Lucy Bernholz: Let Our Data Define Us - Part I

  • David HendersonIdealistics * Talent, Not Technology, Is The Key To Better Evaluation * "Markets for What?": Refining Our Questions Before Defining The Data

  • David BankImpact IQ * Put Your Data Where Your Mouth Is: Closing the Deal (Part 2) * Put Your Data Where Your Mouth Is: Open Data to Fuel Impact Investing (Part I)

  • John HecklingerGlobalGiving * Fixing The Feedback Loop * Making Technology A Sustainable Route To Good

  • Denise Raquel DunningAdolescent Girls' Advocacy & Leadership Initiative * Evaluation IS Intervention * The True "Beneficiary" Is The Organization That Listens

  • Brian WalshLiquidnet * Markets For Good & Beneficiary Insight: A Discussion At The Core Of The Work * Welcome to the Markets For Good conversation!

  • Sunand MenonNew Media Insight * The "What" and The "How" of Big Data * From Raw Data To Informed Decisions: What We Can Learn From The Financial Sector

  • Darin McKeeverBill & Melinda Gates Foundation * Nonprofit Data and the Arc of History * A New Reporting Commitment

  • Katya SmythThe Full Frame Initiative *The Bear And The Ladle, Part II * The Bear And The Ladle, Part I

  • Rebecca ThomasThe Nonprofit Finance Fund * Faster, Smarter Nonprofit Financial Analysis, Part II * Rebecca Thomas: Faster, Smarter Nonprofit Financial Analysis, Part I

  • Yumi SeraDisability Rights Fund * Notes From The Field: Disability Rights Fund on "Evaluating Advocacy to Assess Grantmaking Goals"

  • Nicolas GalarzaNYU Wagner School of Public Service, Urban Planning * Open Disclosure: A Missing Link Between Private Sector And The Poorest

  • Sheetal SinghTechSoup * Global Making Data An Afterthought

  • Laura QuinnIdealware * In Search of Better Data about Nonprofits' Programs

  • Daniel StidThe Bridgespan Group * If We Build It, Will They Come?

  • Curtis S. ChinCommunity & Family Services International and World Education Services * Notes From The Field: Ambassador Curtis S. Chin on "Transparency, Credibility, and Commitment: Precursors to Progress"

  • Michele JolinAmerica Achieves * The Rising Tide Of Evidence-based Solutions

  • Brenna Marea PowellStanford Center on International Conflict and Negotiation * Revisiting The Frame For Evaluation

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  • Jerry NicholsSAP * Big Data For The Consumer Journey

  • Nell Edgington* Addressing the Nonprofit Fundraising Elephant in the Room

  • Judy * Foundation on Market Dynamics For fundraising

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  • Michelle Greanias* Funders—Try Completing Your Own Online Applications and Reports

  • Bahia RamosKnight Foundation * on: Methods & Tools for Community Foundation "Giving Days"

  • Dvorit Mausner* Revisiting the Art & Science of Fundraising

  • Ken BergerMarkets For Good * Interview with Ken Berger

  • Melinda TuanREDF * A Listening Tour, A Call To Action

  • Innovation Network* If You Build It, They Will Evaluate: Upping the Nonprofit Evaluation Game

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  • Dr. Jonathan Koomey* Creating A More Hopeful Future

  • Srik Gopalakrishnan* Big Data and the Social Sector: Where does it come from? How can we use it?

  • Steve WrightGrameen Foundation * The Customer is King

  • Buzz SchmidtGuideStar and GuideStar International * Divining A Vision for Markets For Good

  • Greg UlrichFoundation for Sustainable Development * But ... Do Donors Want More Data on Nonprofits?

  • Erine GrayAunt Bertha * What Is The Real-Time Supply Of Human Services?

  • Geoff ZimmermanThe Strive Partnership * Using Community-Level Data to Drive Efforts For Collective Impact

  • Cynthia GibsonIndependent Consultant * Data: More Than Numbers (Or The Sum of Its Parts)

  • Catalina EscobarMakaia * How Nonprofits Can Take Advantage Of Technology and Data: A Global View

  • Phil BuchananCEP * Which Data? And Who Will Pay For It?

  • Mari KuraishiGlobalGiving * Children's Parties And The Demise Of The Soviet Union

  • Jacob HaroldThe William and Flora Hewlett Foundation * Interview: Jacob Harold

  • Beth Kanter* Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media Beth Kanter: Doing The Math Ourselves

  • Nick DeychakiwskyCharles Stewart Mott Foundation * Examining The Market Approach

  • Cinthia Schuman OttingerPhilanthropy Programs at the Aspen Institute's Program on Philanthropy and Social Innovation * Filling The Nonprofit Information Vacuum

  • Nicholas Van PraagGround Truth * The Ultimate Accountability In Humanitarian Aid

  • Marny SumrallYouthTruth * Challenges in Design For Beneficiary Feedback

  • Ben HechtLiving Cities * 3 Reasons Why Open Data Will Change The World: A Real-Time View

  • Gisli OlafssonNetHope * Notes From The Field: The Open Humanitarian Initiative

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  • Mauricio Lim MillerFamily Independence Initiative * Consumer Feedback And Market Demand