Next Steps in the Evidence and Innovation Agenda


Publication: 2013-08-05


To help agencies move forward in harnessing evidence and evaluation, this memo: - Provides guidance for 2015 agency Budget submissions and describes plans to prioritize Budget requests that strengthen the use of evidence and innovation. - Invites agencies to participate in a series of workshops and interagency collaborations organized by the Executive Office of the President to help agencies develop and strengthen proposals that catalyze innovation and learning. While much of the focus will be on proposals that can be implemented without additional resources, there will be limited funding available in the President's 2015 Budget for strong proposals that require some new funding

The President recently asked his Cabinet to carry out an aggressive management agenda for his second term that delivers a smarter, more innovative, and more accountable government for citizens. An important component ofthat effort is strengthening agencies' abilities to continually improve program performance by applying existing evidence about what works, generating new knowledge, and using experimentation and innovation to test new approaches to program delivery. This is especially impmiant given current fiscal challenges, as our nation recovers from a deep recession and agencies face tough choices about how to meet increased demand for services in a constrained resource environment.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Office of Management and Budget



  • Sylvia M. BurwellDirector, Office of Management and Budget

  • Cecilia MunozDirector, Domestic Policy Counci

  • John HoldrenDirector, Office of Science and Technology Policy

  • Alan KmegerChairman, Council of Economic Advisors