Leading Through Connections: Insights from the Global IBM CEO Study


Publication: 2012-11-19


Three essential imperatives: How to respond -- Our study reveals insights from more than 1,700 CEO conversations and our own management consulting experience.


Name:Owen Ambur





  • Bridget van KralingenSenior Vice President, Global Business Services, IBM.

  • CEOsIn speaking face-to-face with 1,709 CEOs, general managers and senior public sector leaders around the globe, leaders confirmed that our new connected era is changing how people engage.

  • General Managers

  • LeadersLeaders are recognizing our new connected era is changing how people engage.

  • BusinessesFor some time, businesses have been refining and optimizing their networks of suppliers and partners. They're streamlining supply chains and creating massive back-office efficiencies. But something just as meaningful has been happening in the marketplace — the sudden convergence of the digital, social and mobile spheres — connecting customers, employees and partners in new ways to organizations and to each other. These changes put pressure on the front office to digitize and adapt but also create opportunities for the organization to innovate and lead.

  • Customers

  • Employees

  • Partners