Lisa Renner Strategic Planning


Publication: 2014-01-09



Name:Lisa Renner


Lisa Renner is a speaker, author, and internationally recognized expert on collaboration as a business growth strategy. With more than 10 years as a successful CEO, Lisa has walked the talk, repeatedly crossing boundaries and collaborating with competitors to construct a successful family of six collaboratively-owned companies by the age of 36. As a spokesperson for the collaborative movement, Lisa led the fight against Capitol Hill regulation that threatened collaborative business models. But her passion is sharing her insights with today's leaders, teaching the strategies and tactics she learned personally building successful collaboratives. In her keynotes and workshops she addresses the challenges organizations struggle with and unlocks the secrets to finding and aligning with the right partners to generate real return on collaboration. Lisa is a member of the National Speakers Association, has served on the boards of several national organizations, and is frequently sought out by the media for her insight and expertise on collaboration.