Keeping in Sync as We Open Up


Start: 2013-08-29, Publication: 2013-08-30


If the promise of a rich open data ecosystem is collective wisdom greater than any individual data set can provide, and the tools and rules for reliable linkages are well underway, what does this opportunity demand of us -- as campaigners, NGOs, techies and funding groups? What must we do to help bring this crowdsourced picture into clearer focus? And what are the essential elements to making sure that data-driven collaboration will flourish among all groups?... while it's vital for transparency groups and governments to continue opening and disseminating data, we must also create strong channels of ongoing collaboration -- not among systems but among people.

What remains to be seen is how well we as advocates for increased data-sharing and data-driven collaboration can align our own sharing and collaboration. Can we work together regularly, toward measurable ends, and create a functional data commons that uses linked data sets to reveal more than any single group's information can show?


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Jed Miller


TABridge Editor


  • Transparency and Accountability InitiativeThis post originally appeared on The Transparency and Accountability Initiative website.

  • Transparency GroupsTransparency and accountability groups like our own are investing staff time, research, and money to join this open data revolution. This moment of innovation may resemble earlier milestones for technology and advocacy, but we need to keep the particular challenges of open data in mind, and to clearly define our responsibilities in the creation of a vibrant, reliable open data ecosystem.

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