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Publication: 2014-01-22


Knoco ltd delivers knowledge management services around the globe through a franchise model. Our franchisees apply proven Knoco Methodology and training materials to deliver reliable and authoritative KM solutions, with the backing of the Knoco principals whenever needed.

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Knoco was established in 1999 by key members of BP's global Knowledge Management team, who had been recognised in the 1990s as pioneers in the field of Knowledge Management. As independant knowledge management consultants, Knoco have delivered 14 years of successful practical service in the field of Knowledge Management, providing coaching, consultancy, training, Knowledge Management services and strategic guidance to clients in a wide range of industry sectors, including Mining, Broadcasting, Brewing, Oil and gas, Nuclear, Telecoms, FMCG Public Sector and Pharmaceuticals


  • Carol GorelickKnoco New York is headed by Carol Gorelick. Carol has extensive experience facilitating on site and virtual project teams to build internal capacity at the individual, team and organizational level. Her efforts work to produce sustainable results. Carol has used the Knoco methodology in a wide variety of corporate, non profit, and educational settings, including her work as a faculty member in an innovative project based and team taught executive MBA program at Pace University. In addition, she has led major knowledge management and organizational learning projects as Director of Corporate Systems and Training at American Express, and Vice President Administration-Support Services at Prudential Securities.

  • Ian CorbettIan Corbett is director of Knoco South Africa. Based in Cape Town, Ian is introducing southern African leaders and businesses to the benefits of Knowledge Enabled Performance. His experiences show that Knoco's dialogue-rich approach is well-suited to a continent that is characterised by diversity. Ian has diverse managerial experience in southern Africa where he has led high-performing teams involved in the development and implementation of cutting-edge technologies. He is fascinated by the role that leadership and social networks play in releasing the performance and innovation potential of people and teams. Ian has extensive KM facilitation experience. He specialises in designing and running integrated learning programmes that accelerate personal growth and enable teams to rapidly develop innovative solutions. Ian developed and implemented a Knowledge Management strategy as part of the strategic review for De Beers whilst he was the Intellectual Capital Manager of the Operations and Exploration Division. Ian is currently lead consultant for the work with Eskom CED. Ian holds a PhD from the University of Cape Town. He attended the Advanced Management Programme at Templeton College, Oxford. He is an Associate of Warwick University's Knowledge and Innovation Network. As well as his long-standing experience in IT and KM, Ian is able to draw on global expertise and methodology from Knoco Ltd in delivering the highest quality knowledge management consultant services in South Africa.

  • Jens Øjvind NielsenKnoco Denmark is headed by CEO Jens Øjvind Nielsen. Jens has extensive management experience from major change programmes in the Scandinavian financial sector and from managing consultant and knowledge companies. Jens has a background as process engineer, financial candidate and IT-, business and programme manager. He used this to manage the development of high performance divisions in Copenhagen Stock Exchange, Alm. Brand insurance, BRF Kredit, Scandinavian Data Center, Cap Gemini and others. Since 2008 Jens was engaged as CEO in his Management Knowledge Center wherein more than 300 authors communicate their knowhow. Knoco's concept of enabling performance via Knowledge Management strategy and processes is a natural extension of his services to a great number of Danish private and public organisations. His managerial profile is characterized by an evenly spread focus on action, reflection, innovation and analysis. He is a trustful person and has the ability to communicate on all levels in an organisation. Jens is a networker and has succeeded in establishing a large community of interest in effective organisational learning. As well as his long-standing experience, Jens is able to draw on global expertise and methodology from Knoco Ltd in delivering the highest quality knowledge management consultant services in Denmark.

  • Nick MiltonKnoco UK is represented by Nick Milton, Tom Young and Rupert Lescott, providing experienced, authoritative high-quality knowledge management consultancy services to the UK market, and to those countries not covered by our franchisees. The Knoco Ltd consultants have a long history of delivering Knowledge Management strategies, frameworks, implementation support, training and knowledge management services in a wide range of industries. Tom and Nick were members of the BP Knowledge Management team in the 90s, helping to take BP to becoming a long-term Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise. Since leaving BP and founding Knoco, they have assisted dozens of leading companies to introduce and embed Knowledge Management for business benefit. This industrial background is complemented by Rupert, who has for many years supported the UK Military in Lesson-learning and knowledge sharing, taking a key role in the highly regarded Lessons Exploitation centre in the British Army. Together the Knoco UK consultants and their Associates offer you a wealth of experience and support, to aid you in delivering Knowledge Management success, whetever your organisation.

  • Tom Young

  • Rupert Lescott

  • Catherine BoissonetKnoco France is represented by Vedalis, the Social Knowledge Management software company, with Catherine Boissonet as the contact. Catherine has more than 15 years experience in networking management projects. She regularly undertakes executive seminars for Business and Engineering Schools (France and Algeria) which focus on Networking Management Projects, Communication, Change, Conflict & Leadership Management and Knowledge Management (KM). Catherine has extensive experience as a project leader in several consulting fims in France. She has worked on IT Concepts and Document Management System Support at the INRIA (Research of Informatics and Automatic Institute). She has a Master's Degree in Social Psychology and a Master Thesis in Cognitive Sciences from the Polytechnique National Institut of Grenoble (INPG). As well as her long-standing experience in Network management and KM, Catherine is able to draw on global expertise and methodology from Knoco Ltd in delivering the highest quality knowledge management consultant services in France.

  • Stephanie BarnesKnoco Canada is headed by Stephanie Barnes. Stephanie is an experiences knowledge management consultant and a passionate advocate for the alignment of Business and IT in service of Knowledge Management. Stephanie has a long background in Knowledge Management, initially with Hewlett Packard, where she was World-Wide Knowledge Management Program Manager. Here she developed the strategic plan for the Knowledge Management Program; including creating and driving the project plans to execute the Knowledge Management Strategy. The execution included Change Management, collection and validation of business requirements for KM technology, and working within the engagement and governance models to ensure the appropriate supporting tools and infrastructure were in place. More recently she has operated a highly successful consulting business in Canada - Missing Puzzle Piece Consulting, operating in the High Technology, Financial Services, Not-for-Profit, and Professional Services sectors. Stephanie has worked with many major organisations to develop strategies for knowledge management technology, including user requirements, technology selection and implementation strategies, as well as Community of Practice Program metric design and implementation. She holds a Masters degree in Business, Information Systems major from McMaster University, and an Undergraduate degree in Business, Accounting major from Brock University.

  • Sapta Putra YadiThe Knoco Indonesia franchise is handled by ITTC, under the directorship of Ir. Sapta Putra Yadi MHRM (Sapta). Sapta has more than 32 years experience in various industry such as manufacturing, timber, mining and oil & gas industry, involved in several different areas such as production planning, production operations, contracting, project control, human resource management and knowledge management. He, as HR Corporate Vice President, initiated and was directly involved in developing end-to-end Knowledge Management for Medco Energy, the biggest private owned oil & gas company in Indonesia. Since 2010 he has run his own business as HR and KM Consultant, involved in several HR and KM consulting and training services for mining, oil & gas and banking companies. Sapta is an industrial engineer from ITB Bandung, Indonesia and has a master degree in HR Management from Rutgers University New Jersey, USA. Currently acts as the President of Indonesian Society for People Management as well as Asia Pacific Regional Training & Development Association (ARTDO International). As well as his long-standing experience in KM, Sapta is able to draw on global expertise and methodology from Knoco Ltd in delivering the highest quality knowledge management consultant services in Indonesia.

  • Dr. Abdulhameed AlhosaniKnoco is represented in the Gulf States (GCC countries) by Knowledge Consultants, under the directorship of Dr. Abdulhameed Alhosani. Abdulhameed has over 25 years of experience on various fields spanning from quality assurance to training programs and lately change management and knowledge management. He holds a PhD in chemistry from the University of Glasgow. Abdulhameed has research experience and published scientific papers and authored two books. He also has conducted numerous training workshops and has taught in universities and colleges as a visiting lecturer. Abdulhameed's main interest now is helping organizations around the Gulf States to establish knowledge management programs and assist in spreading education on this vital field. As well as his long-standing experience KM, Abdulhameed is able to draw on global expertise and methodology from Knoco Ltd in delivering the highest quality knowledge management consultant services in the GCC countries of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates.

  • Ian FryKnoco Australia (East) is headed by Ian Fry. Ian's background of over 40 years in IT gives him a broad experience across many industries and both private and public sectors. Over the past 7 years he has been integrating IT and KM into projects - some winning awards. He has also supplied Lessons Learned and other Organisational Development projects to clients including Emergency Services. As well as his long-standing experience in IT and KM, Ian is able to draw on global expertise and methodology from Knoco Ltd in delivering the highest quality knowledge management consultant services in Australia.

  • Javier MartinezKnoco in Chile is headed by Javier Martinez, Spanish and resident in Santiago de Chile since 2002, and the KM Manager at Catenaria, a consultancy specialized in learning, knowledge management and collaboration. Javier holds a law degree from the University of the Basque Country and Master degree in Management Internet by the Catalan Institute of Technology, is consultant for the World Bank in the area of Knowledge Management and for the Inter-American Development Bank in the field of Communication and Learning. Javier is Professor at Master in e-learning at the University of Seville and the University of Salamanca and at Knowledge Management course at the Catholic University of Chile. He is also International Judge of the Brandon Hall Excellence in e-learning Awards since 2003, and an arbitration committee member of the Journal of Innovative Education Academic Secretary, National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico. He writes a monthly column on Knowledge Management for Human Capital magazine and is a founding member of the Knowledge Management Club in Chile. Javier has spent 20 years working with public sector and private organizations (financial, pharmaceutical, utilities, military, automotive, food, mining, education, etc..) in countries like México, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, Canada, Colombia and Spain. The projects aimed at improving results through performance improvement, knowledge management, collaborative work and learning. Javier and his team have developed methodologies for creating Critical Knowledge Maps, Knowledge retention and transfer, Benchmark and collaboration and Learn by doing solutions for clients.

  • Tibor GyulayKnoco in Hungary is represented by Poziteam, under Tibor Gyulay. Pozitieam is currently focusing on Knowledge Management Training.

  • Kerry NeillKnoco Australia (West) is headed by Kerry Neill, working through The Futures Group. Kerry is an experienced manager and consultant with a comprehensive practical and theoretical understanding of business and human resource management. She has an impressive record of success as a change agent in competitive business environments and now utilises her knowledge and experience to partner companies seeking to identify, plan and manage change to improve performance and profitability. In the past, she has worked for both public and private sector organisations in Australia and overseas. Her work is characterised by her ability to partner senior management and all levels of staff to identify and own organisational and workplace change to enhance the organisational and individual performance. She has held positions as a Human Resource Manager, Corporate Planner, and Company Director. Within the context of these roles she has managed a variety of staff and contractors and lead project teams. As a result of her experience, Kerry is able to relate to all levels of the workforce, build long-term relationships and achieve results consistent with corporate objectives. As well as his long-standing experience in IT and KM, Ian is able to draw on global expertise and methodology from Knoco Ltd in delivering the highest quality knowledge management consultant services in Australia.

  • Josu UztarrozJosu Uztarroz is director of POIETICS Consulting, the franchisee company of Knoco in Spain. After 16 years working in the public sector as an administration and training technician, Josu launched his own project fulfilling his greatest passion: to drive and facilitate change processes in companies and institutions of any kind, in order to adapt them to the knowledge and connection based economy. With a huge experience working with different group types, Josu has developed his skills and experience in various fields. With a global view, Josu takes the complexity, and development of people and their participation, as a central catalyst for organizational management, integrating technology as an enabler. He has vast experience in web 2.0 and its integration as a tool for knowledge management and learning, both in education and work. In his professional experience Josu has been active in social activism, sports, teaching, administration and training, and education, leading innovative projects in all areas concerned. That is why he has specific knowledge of the difficulty of working with groups on projects with an innovative component. Josu, is passionate about education and educational reform, and has been involved, as a parent and as a specialist in this field, in different initiatives to promote innovation and change in education. Josu has a degree in Work Sciences, specialising in Human Resources, and training in techniques such as coaching and NLP. He has published in research magazines about implementation of ICT in education, and has given lectures and courses on this topic. Today Josu is the representative of EUDEC (European Democratic Education Community) in Spain, participating in the development of a pioneering educational experience. He is a long experienced blogger and publishes in two blogs about education and management. His website is at

  • Knoco PartnersKnoco has close links with a number of experienced associates, some of whom we trained ourselves in client companies. We field a strong team, outstanding in our ability to meet your Knowledge Management needs. Our partner companies include

  • ExceedExceed is an industry-leading consultancy that specialises in delivering deepwater wells project management services and performance improvement solutions to the Energy Sector and other high-cost environments. We focus on delivering value and sustainable bottom line results while maintaining an unwavering commitment to HSE, efficiency and consistency.

  • Insight Knowledge Partners

  • Leading CapacityDenmark

  • Missing Puzzle Piece ConsultingMissing Puzzle Piece Consulting helps organizations to be innovative, productive, collaborative, engaging, and to build community among their organization stakeholders.

  • VedalisFrance

  • DAASSNETArgentina