Publication: 2013-07-02



Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Kaggle Connect


Kaggle Connect is a consulting platform that connects companies to the elite from our community of 104,553 data scientists.


  • Data ScientistsWho are the Kaggle Connect Data Scientists? Kaggle Connect data scientists are the top 0.5% from Kaggle's 104,553 member community. Some Kaggle Connect data scientists are full-time consultants, who use Kaggle Connect as a source of full-time income. Others are academics, consultants, or full-time employees at other companies, who use Kaggle Connect for the opportunity to get access to a wider range of problems. Kaggle Connect data scientists have a wide range of professional and academic backgrounds, from insurance to pharma and from econometrics to computational neuroscience. They are among the best in the world in their fields, and have often developed their own software libraries and algorithms to get the best possible results. We match the right Kaggle Connect data scientists to your project, based on your industry and problem and the skills that they've demonstrated in Kaggle Competitions.

  • Large CompaniesKaggle works with large companies like GE, Allstate and Merck, as well as smaller enterprises to help with all data science problems (e.g. improving sales forecasting, customer segmentation, retain customers, optimize pricing and much more).

  • Smaller Enterprises

  • Kaggle Connect CustomersKaggle has helped GE, Allstate, Merck, Ford, Tencent, Facebook and more improve sales forecasting, retain customers, accelerate product development, gather insights from social media and lower operating costs.

  • GEMore accurate airline departure and arrival times; improved hospital operations.

  • AllstateImproved estimate of customer claims costs; Reduced customer churn

  • MerckBetter predictability for drug targets

  • FacebookBetter and broader identification of talent

  • Heritage Provider NetworkImproved revenue for hospital network through patient admissions

  • TescoImproved lifetime customer value

  • TencentIncrease effectiveness of click through rates

  • NASAMore accurate imaging of dark matter

  • CareerbuilderBetter and broader identification of talent

  • FordEarlier detection of driver drowsiness

  • Boeringer IngelheimBetter predictability for drug targets

  • MicrosoftBroader recognition of gestures for Xbox Kinect