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Publication: 2012-11-14


We are the forefront of independent research, and in addition to professional and academic activities we also carry out independent evaluations, policy advisories and project inspections for private clients as well as for the public sector, both at regional, country and international level.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Institute for Socio Technical Complex Systems


The Institute for Socio Technical Complex Systems is an international interdisciplinary research network. Founded in the UK in 2010, drawing expertise and resources from different fields, the Institute is leading innovation and research in the emergent area of practice, socio technical complex systems.


  • ISTCS MembersOur members are researcher and practitioners from consultancies, universities, research institutions, as well as from various emergent digital ecosystems

  • Researchers

  • Practitioners

  • Consultancies

  • Universities

  • Research Institutions

  • Digital Ecosystems

  • Paola Di MaioPrincipal Investigator, ISTCS (Institute for Socio Technical Complex Systems)

  • Martin LeeResearcher (web auditing) University of Edinburgh

  • Prof Han Woo PARKCo-Director, YeungNam University, South Korea

  • Savita KarthikeyanResearcher (web auditing) University of Edinburgh

  • University of Strathclyde