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Publication: 2013-11-28



Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Institute for Electronic Participation


Institute for Electronic Participation (INePA) is an independent, not for profit, non-governmental organisation professionally oriented on eDemocracy, eParticipation, eGovernance and eInvolvement.


  • Simon Delakorda

  • Matej Delakorda

  • INePA Supervisory Board

  • Primož ŠporarB.Sc. Legal Science, representative of the interested public & services users

  • Matej DelakordaB.Sc. Social Science, representative of the employees

  • Vita HabjanB.Sc. Legal Science, representative of the Founder

  • INePA Expert Council

  • Tanja Oblak ČrničAssociate Professor, PhD (Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana)

  • Polona Pičman ŠtefančičPhD (Rea IT Research Center)

  • Tomi IlijašB.Sc. Electrical Engineering (Arctur d.o.o.)

  • INePA FP7 Partners

  • Puzzled by PolicyHelping you to be part of the EU, ICT PSP, (2010-2013) INePA leading partner of WP4 responsible for coordination of implementation of pilot sites (on-line involvement of target groups and feedback from decision-makers) in Greece, Italy, Hungary and Spain.

  • VIDIVisualising the Impact of the legislation by analysing public DIscussions using statistical means, 2009-2010, (no: EP-08-01-014) INePA responsible for Slovene use case Citizen's forum European debates providing a national on-line deliberation space for facilitated public debates and consultations on relevant European issues (

  • SloveniaOnline Participation of Citizens in EP Committee activities, 2008-2009, (EP-07-01- 012) Simon Delakorda from Institute for Electronic Participation responsible for on-line forum facilitation and target groups involvement from Slovenia resulting in highest number of on-line participants among involved EU countries.

  • Pan European eParticipation NetworkINePA is a member of the Pan European eParticipation Network (PEP-NET), the Central and Eastern Europe Citizens Network (CEE CN), the Centre for Information Service, Co-operation and Development of NGOs in Slovenia (CNVOS) and is listed among key actors in eParticipation developments (the European eParticipation Study 2009).

  • Central and Eastern Europe Citizens Network

  • Centre for Information Service, Co-operation and Development of NGOs in Slovenia

  • Citizens

  • Civil Society

  • Institutions

  • Decision-Makers