Vision, Mission, Program, and Projects


Publication: 2010-12-08



Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Institute for Liberty and Democracy


The ILD is comprised of a multi-disciplinary team of researchers and analysts, most with graduate degrees from top universities in Peru, the U.S. and Europe. Although plenty of thought and debate takes place in our Lima headquarters, the ILD is no ivory tower. In fact, the kind of talent we attract is eager to combine its intellectual armament with boots-on-the-ground research in the field: the fight against poverty and exclusion cannot progress without both ideas and hard data on how ordinary people make transactions and protect their assets in the extralegal economies of the developing world. Our staff is experienced in discussing development issues with heads of state, cabinet ministers and other top Government policymakers. ILD experts are also prepared to debate with local academic specialists, and many of our people also have experience working in hostile political environments. To compile the most comprehensive picture possible of the legal –and extralegal– systems of a client country, we sub-contract local attorneys, economists, business leaders, union officials, historians, journalists, photographers, urban planners, social workers, and anthropologists. The ILD is known for its ability to shine a light on the hidden practices of shadow economies. What is less well known about the Institute is how hard we work –and listen– to find out exactly where we should be shining our lights. ...


  • Local Attorneys

  • Economists

  • Business Leaders

  • Union Officials

  • Historians

  • Journalists

  • Photographers

  • Urban Planners

  • Social Workers

  • Anthropologists

  • Government Policymakers

  • Local Academic Specialists