Mission, Vision & Tasks


Publication: 2012-10-09


Tell us what is your interest area on eGovernment. The idea is that people participates in its expertise area. We are only a tool, in order to have better and more coordinated results in benefit of the society. Right now, we are finishing our website and starting with workgroups on cybersecurity, privacy, interoperability, smart cities, and other areas withing eGovernment field. We will tell you about it in some days. We will open a call for participation too.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:IEEE eGovernment Community


The IEEE Computer Society’s Special Technical Community on eGovernment aims at carrying out more coordinated and better work on eGovernment within the IEEE. The IEEE eGovernment STC is a new worldwide and transversal division within IEEE and, particularly, it is part of the IEEE Computer Society. This is an open community, related specially to public organizations’ technological areas. Some of the tasks this IEEE division could carry out are (but not limited to): [the following goals]


  • Carlos E. JimenezChair

  • IEEE

  • IEEE Computer SocietyOur perspective and strategy is integrated and aligned with the IEEE Computer Society and IEEE view. Right now, we are in the process of developing it too, but these are some of the key elements it will include: [those outlined in our draft mission and vision statements]

  • Cybersecurity Workgroup

  • Privacy Workgroup

  • Interoperability Workgroup

  • Smart Cities Workgroup