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Publication: 2013-09-01


The purpose of the IDESG shall be to develop and administer the process for policy and technical standards development for the Identity Ecosystem Framework. The IDESG shall bring together all of the interested stakeholders, both in private and public sectors, to confirm that the Identity Ecosystem Framework provides a minimum baseline of privacy, security, interoperability, and ease-of-use through standards and policies, without creating unnecessary barriers to entry. The IDESG shall facilitate the fulfillment of the NSTIC goals to develop a comprehensive Identity Ecosystem Framework; build and implement the Identity Ecosystem; enhance confidence and willingness to participate in the Identity Ecosystem; and, support the long-term success and sustainability of the Identity Ecosystem.

The IDESG shall not itself be a standards development body, but rather an organization that promotes the development of standards by other existing standards development organizations and develops policies that serve to accelerate the development and adoption of the Identity Ecosystem.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Identity Ecosystem Steering Group



  • IDESG Leadership

  • IDESG PlenaryThe Plenary shall be the authoritative governance body of the IDESG. The Plenary shall provide for the Plenary Chair, Plenary Vice Chair and the Committees.

  • Bob BlakleyPlenary Chair (Citigroup)

  • Dazza GreenwoodPlenary Vice Chair (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

  • IDESG Management CouncilThe Management Council shall provide guidance to the Plenary on the broad objectives envisioned by the NSTIC, produce work-plans to prioritize work items and monitor progress, ensure that Steering Group work activities align with the NSTIC Guiding Principles, and shall have overall administrative and fiduciary responsibility for the IDESG. The Management Council shall have general administration of the affairs of the IDESG between meetings of the Plenary.

  • Peter BrownManagement Council Chair

  • Jeremy GrantManagement Council Vice Chair (NSTIC NPO Director)

  • Steven MednickManagement Council Ombudsman

  • IDESG Delegates

  • Lee Tien1. Privacy & Civil Liberties (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

  • Steve Bruck2. Usability & Human Factors (BruckEdwards, Inc.)

  • Jim Barnett3. Consumer Advocates (AARP)

  • Deborah Gallagher4. U.S. Federal Government (GSA)

  • Dave Burhop5. U.S. State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial Government (Commonwealth of Virginia - Department of Motor Vehicles)

  • Jack Suess6. Research, Development, Education & Innovation (InCommon)

  • Kimberly Little7. Identity & Attribute Providers (LexisNexis Risk Solutions)

  • Peter Alterman8. Interoperability (SAFE-BioPharma Association)

  • Paul Laurent9. Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure (Oracle Corporation)

  • Mark Coderre10. Regulated Industries (Aetna)

  • Kaliya Hamlin11. Small Business & Entrepreneurs (Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium)

  • Neville Pattinson12. Security (Gemalto)

  • Pete Pouridis13. Relying Parties: (The Neiman Marcus Group)

  • James Zok14. Unaffiliated Individuals

  • Don ThibeauDelegate at Large (Open Identity Exchange)

  • Ian GlazerDelegate at Large

  • IDESG SecretariatThe Secretariat shall serve as the administrative body of the IDESG and promote alignment of the Steering Group's operations with the NSTIC Guiding Principles. The role and responsibilities of the Secretariat are described in the sections that follow.

  • Kay Chopard CohenExecutive Director

  • Trusted Federal Systems, Inc.Trusted Federal Systems, Inc. (TFS) is a systems integrator serving the federal government. Our experienced staff provides solutions which empower agencies to achieve a higher level of performance. We manage, architect, design and implement collaboration and information sharing solutions for government agencies resulting in improved organizational effectiveness. On Thursday July 12, 2012 TFS received notice of a grant award from the National Institute of Standards and Technology to serve as the formal convener and secretariat for the soon-to-be-established Identity Ecosystem Steering Group. As a systems integrator for the federal government, TFS has extensive, hands-on experience in implementing solutions where the authentication of a user's identity is a prerequisite in support of national interests. As a recognized specialist in federated identity management solutions, TFS designed and architected U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ)'s "Trusted Broker Model" which was later implemented as a pilot by Covisint. This architecture is also the basis for FBI's recent roll out of an upgrade to LEO (Law Enforcement On-line). However, as the Secretariat the TFS role is "not to participate" in the Steering Group as a stakeholder, but "to support" the Steering Group by leveraging the strength of our team's experience in process and facilitation methodologies.

  • IDESG Management Council Subcommittees

  • IDESG Business Plan Subcommittee

  • Kimberly LittleBusiness Plan Subcommittee Chair

  • Communication & Outreach Subcommittee

  • Jim BarnettCommunication & Outreach Subcommittee ​Chair

  • Work Planning Subcommittee

  • Paul LaurentWork Planning Subcommittee Chair