International Research Roadmap on ICT Tools for Governance and Policy Modelling (Interim Version)


Start: 2012-06-29, Publication: 2012-11-30

Source: International Research Roadmap on ICT Tools for Governance and Policy Modelling-1.pdf

The present deliverable, developed under WP2 Content Production, is one of the core output of the project: the Research Roadmap on Policy- Making 2.0. It aims at providing a common basis and a common set of concepts for researchers in a highly multidisciplinary context. But most of all, it aims to provide a clear outline of what technologies are available now for policy- makers to improve their work , and what can become available tomorrow.

Crossover builds on the results of the Crossroad project1, which delivered a research roadmap on the same topic in 2011. With respect to the previous roadmap, this document is firstly a revised and updated version. Beside this, is contains some fundamental novelties: - a demand- driven approach: rather than focussing on the technology, the present roadmap starts from the needs and the activities of policy- making and then links the research challenges to them - an additional emphasis on cases and applications: for each research challenge, we indicate relevant cases and practical solutions - a clearer thematic focus on ICT for Governance and Policy- Modeling, by dropping more peripheral grand challenges of Government Service Utility and Scientific Base for ICT- enabled Governance - a global coverage: while Crossroad focussed on Europe, Crossover includes cases and experiences from all over the world - a living roadmap: the present deliverable is accompanied by an online repositories of tools, people and applications


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:CROSSOVER Rroject


The CROSSOVER project aims to consolidate and expand the existing community on ICT for Governance and Policy Modeling (built largely within FP7) by: - bringing together and reinforcing the links between the different global communities of researchers and experts: it will create directories of experts and solutions, and animate knowledge exchange across communities of practice both offline and online; - reaching out and raising the awareness of non- experts and potential users, with special regard to high- level policy- makers and policy advisors: it will produce multimedia content, a practical handbook and high- level policy conferences with competition for prizes; - establishing the scientific and political basis for long- lasting interest and commitment to next generation policy- making, beyond the mere availability of FP7 funding: it will focus on use cases and a demand- driven approach, involving policy- makers and advisors in high- level conference, defining a collaborative stakeholders' declaration and developing a sustainability plan. The CROSSOVER project will pursue this goal through a combination of content production, ad hoc and well- designed online and offline animation; as well as strong links with existing communities outside the CROSSOVER project and outside the realm of e- Government


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