Publication: 2013-07-31



Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Industrial Control System Information Sharing and Analysis Center


The Industrial Control System Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ICS-ISAC) is the Private/Public center for knowledge sharing regarding Industrial Control System (ICS) cybersecurity. The ISAC structure is defined under Homeland Security Presidential Decision 7 (HSPD-7). The ISACs operate in vertical industry segments such as Electricty, Water and Surface Transportation, or as horizontal organizations such as the Multi-State ISAC or IT-ISAC. ICS-ISAC is a horizontal ISAC with a mission to capture and transport critical cybersecurity information between vertical ISACs and impacted parties.


  • Industrial Control SystemsIndustrial Control Systems are the electronic systems used to operate physical processes ranging from power generation and distribution to building operations, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing and agriculture. The United States Department of Homeland Security segments national Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources (CIKR) into 18 sectors, each of which relies on the safe operation of Industrial Control Systems.

  • ICS Cybersecurity, Inc.The ICS-ISAC was established by ICS Cybersecurity, Inc. with the support of industry organizations including Amor Group, IBM, SAIC, Yokogawa, Invensys, Emerson and others.

  • Amor Group

  • IBM

  • SAIC

  • Yokogawa

  • Invensys

  • Emerson

  • Asset OwnersThe ICS-ISAC works to create a community of communities as part of achieving its mision. The Center's membership consists of not only asset owners but the vendors, integrators, industry associations and other organizations who can work together to share knowledge with and from broader constituent groups.

  • Vendors

  • Integrators

  • Industry Associations

  • ICS-ISAC Board

  • Chris BlaskChair

  • Robert MartinTreasurer

  • Debbie WindleSecretary

  • Brad BlaskBoard Member

  • Andy BochmanBoard Member

  • Sean Paul McGurkBoard Member

  • Gib SoreboBoard Member

  • Jonathan StanfordBoard Member

  • ICS-ISAC Management

  • Chris BlaskExecutive Director

  • Robert MartinTechnical Director

  • Glenn MerrellWorkforce Development Director

  • Debbie WindleCommunity Director

  • Steve MasonMembership Advisor

  • Sean Paul McGurkSenior Policy Advisor

  • Gib SoreboSenior Technical Advisor