Publication: 2013-05-16



Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Local Governments for Sustainability USA



  • ICLEI USA Staff

  • Michael SchmitzExecutive Director

  • Monica GilchristDeputy Executive Director

  • Patrice "Pete" ParsonsDirector of External Affairs

  • Don KnappCommunications & Marketing Director

  • Eli YewdallProgram Officer, Member Support & Training

  • Amruta SudhalkarProgram Officer, Member Support & Training

  • J.R. KilligrewProgram Officer, Member Support & Training

  • Brian Holland, AICPClimate Programs Director

  • Mike SteinhoffSenior Program Officer, Climate Programs

  • Monica GilchristDeputy Executive Director, Operations

  • Dawna LiangFinance Officer

  • Casey JohnstonDirector, Renewable Energy

  • Riana AckleyProgram Officer, Renewable Energy

  • Christina AshtaryCommunications Officer, Renewable Energy

  • Nancy QuirkProgram Officer, Renewable Energy

  • Chad TudenggongbuProgram Officer, Renewable Energy

  • ICLEI USA Board of DirectorsThe ICLEI USA Board of Directors is a body of local leaders from across the country, including mayors and county executives representing each region, as well as global representatives. The Board helps drive the organization strategically and ensures that ICLEI's value to its local government members continues to meet and exceed expectations. We extend our deepest appreciation to our Board of Directors

  • Patrick Henry HaysChair of the Board -- Mayor, City of North Little Rock, AR

  • Jeb BrugmannPresident -- ICLEI Founder, Sustainability Strategist

  • Salud CarbajalFirst Vice President -- Board of Supervisors, Santa Barbara County, CA

  • Valerie BrownTreasurer -- Board of Supervisors, District One, Sonoma County, CA

  • Michael SchmitzSecretary -- ICLEI USA Executive Director

  • Frank CownieBoard Member -- Mayor, City of Des Moines, IA

  • Pam O'ConnorBoard Member -- Mayor, City of Santa Monica, CA

  • Michael A. NutterBoard Member -- Mayor, City of Philadelphia, PA

  • Henrietta DavisBoard Member -- Mayor, City of Cambridge, MA

  • Pegeen HanrahanBoard Member -- Former Mayor, City of Gainesville, FL

  • Harvey RuvinBoard Member -- Clerk of the Courts, Miami-Dade County, FL

  • ICLEI USA Executive Committee- Chair: Mayor Patrick Henry Hays - President: Jeb Brugmann - First VP: Supervisor Salud Carbajal - Treasurer: Supervisor Valerie Brown - Secretary: Michael Schmitz -Pegeen Hanrahan

  • ICLEI USA Policy Council- Chair: Mayor Patrick Henry Hays - Secretary: Michael Schmitz - Mayor Frank Cownie - Mayor Henrietta Davis - Mayor Michael Nutter - Mayor Pam O'Connor - Clerk Harvey Ruvin

  • ICLEI North America Regional Executive Committee (RexCom)- Mayor Patrick Henry Hays (Chair) - Councilmember Pam O'Connor (Vice-chair) - Mayor Frank Cownie (GexCom Rep) - Supervisor Salud Carbajal - Rob Kerr