C-Change: The Impact of Consumerization of IT -- Action Items


Publication: 2013-08-22


The title C-Change provides a four-part organizational construct. Part One examines the sea change in information management perceptions and expectations1 . Part Two details the need for executives to "see change" (i.e., understand that the situation requires recognizing that a sea change has occurred). Part Three exposes the hard reality surrounding the C-Suite having to re-think, re-imagine, modify and augment their roles to deal with the changed circumstances. Specifically the changed environment mandates the top-of-the-house creatively answering three deceptively simple questions: * Who owns the customer? * Who owns the customer's experience? * Who owns the customer's data?

Part Four presents Action Items for moving forward to make these changes relevant for business. In preparing this document the AIIM Executive Leadership Council undertook a set of discussions & examinations regarding the changing state of the information management ecosystem with the longer-term objective of fine-tuning a language and set of frameworks that will allow the various "tribes" of information management to co-habit and cocreate value. This document is the result of a six month collaboration among some of the smartest and most visionary thinkers on this planet. It calls attention to the fact that how we manage information today is, too often, a limit to growth.


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In cooperation with corporate partners, Florida State College is pleased to host the IT Leadership Academy.

Leadership is something that can be observed, described and explained. Despite this, the social sciences as they pertain to business leadership are just now beginning to have an impact on the practice of leadership. In the IT world, we know far too little about leadership. The military has its service academies. Top-of-the-tank tycoon-wannabes have Tier One Business Schools. Where do want-to-be-great-leader technologists go? The IT Leadership Academy, offered in cooperation with selected corporate partners is designed as a special shared space and resource center for a curated and select group of ‘those who would be great leaders' in the IT workspace.


  • Thornton MayAuthor -- Futurist and Executive Director, IT Leadership Academy

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  • AIIM Executive Leadership CouncilThe Executive Leadership Council at AIIM has published C-Change: The Impact of Consumerization of IT as a wake-up call to global executives. We believe that information is modern day gold. The organizations that maximize the ability of their employees to use and act on information will win. Adapting the cultural shift that is consumerization to business ends will be a crucial step for the coming decades' victorious organizations.

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  • AIIMAIIM, the Global Community of Information Professionals, is pleased to provide this analysis of what is happening and what we should do about it.

  • C-Suite ExecutivesSneaking around the edges of the "Consumerization of IT" issue is the existential question: What is the role of the CIO these days? What is the role of enterprise IT with Apple Stores on every corner, Geek Squads at every intersection, Genius Bars in every lobby and cloud apps downloadable at the touch of a button? This is not a strange question. Every C-Suite role and EVERY executive—given the massive amount of change we are experiencing—needs to reflect on the role they play.14 The C-Suite as it is composed today is not (in many organizations) adequately addressing these questions. This has given rise to the creation of new C-level positions -- the Chief Digital Officer, the Chief Customer Officer and the Chief Analytics Officer (Head Data Scientist) position. This is, literally, a C-Change.

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