Publication: 2013-06-30


Why is IATI needed? 1) There are a number of potential sources available to track aid spending through the system 2) People working or interested in development have found it difficult to obtain the information they need. Donors have devoted increasing resources to respond to numerous information requests.  This is because aid information in the main existing data sources, although it can be very good, is often out of date. And none of the sources provide sufficiently comprehensive aid information to meet the diverse needs of all those requiring it.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:International Aid Transparency Initiative


The International Aid Transparency Iniative (IATI) was launched at the Third High Level Forum in Accra in 2008 and is a multi-stakeholder initiative to improve the transparency of aid information in order to increase  the  effectiveness of aid in reducing poverty... IATI is not an organisation but a network of like-minded organisations who have come together to promote greater aid transparency. As of November 2012, 35 organisations who collectively  account  for over 75% of global official development assistance are IATI signatories. In addition 22 developing countries have endorsed IATI. Other organisations and developing countries participate as observers.


  • Donor Countriesparticipating donors who are able to meet their ‘access to information' obligations and reduce their administrative costs because they only need to publish their information once and no longer need to respond to multiple information requests

  • Donorsdonors who want to co-ordinate their spending with that of other donors

  • Developing Countriesgovernments of developing countries who need to know how much aid is spent in their county and when the money will be paid out, so that they can plan their budgets and activities accordingly

  • Civil Society Organisationscommunity-based organisations who want to know what resources are available and influence how they are used

  • Experts in Aid

  • Citizenscitizens who want to check whether governments are keeping their promises and hold them to account

  • Anti-Corruption Activistsanti-corruption activists who want to track recipient governments' aid receipts and expenditure to find out whether money is being siphoned off

  • Journalistsjournalists and researchers who want to investigate where aid is going and how effectively it is being spent

  • Researchers