Strategic Plan for IAP2 USA


Start: 2011-04-31, End: 2013-12-30, Publication: 2012-08-21


The elected 2011 board of the new US affiliate, IAP2 USA, met in Austin, Texas in March 2011 to develop a strategic plan for the organization’s success. The strategy is designed to take advantage of and revitalize the assets that the affiliate possesses, based on the founding and strong presence of IAP2 in the U.S. since 1990. These assets include: * Name/brand recognition based on two decades of IAP2 in the US * Core of long-time, loyal members * Local chapters in several states/regions of the U.S. * Key proprietary tools developed for the field, e.g., IAP2 Core Values, IAP2 Spectrum of Public Participation, IAP2 Code of Ethics, etc. * Cadre of US trainers licensed to deliver IAP2’s signature training course in public participation * Attractiveness to US members of affiliate’s association with an international organization * Diverse affiliations among our members, including government, industry, nonprofits, elected officials, private-sector practitioners, researchers and educators * Similar organizational diversity of affiliate board members, as well as a balance of board members involved for almost 20 years in IAP2 International governance, and newer board members with fresh energy and enthusiasm for the affiliate’s mission.

One of the reasons that IAP2 USA is in a special position to fulfill this mission – and a key differentiator between us and similar organizations – is the decision-oriented, objective-driven and values-based conceptual design for public participation that has been at the foundation of the IAP2 “approach” since the inception of the IAP2 Certificate Training course over a decade ago. While many organizations focus on a particular technique, IAP2 has always emphasized the importance of program design and goals identification as a precursor and prerequisite for developing effective and meaningful public participation processes. IAP2 has been a leader in the field, and IAP2 USA is committed to establishing that position in the United States by being a preferred provider of the tools and concepts proven to elevate the quality and integrity of public participation.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:International Association for Public Participation - US Affiliate


IAP2 is both a new and an old organization. The International Association for Public Participation originated over two decades ago in North America, comprising primarily U.S. and Canadian members. Since then, the organization grew successfully to include members from many other countries, developed key concepts and tools for the practice of public participation, and created an internationally respected certificate training program in the field of public participation, that is now offered in English, Spanish and French.


  • IAP2 USA MembersKey to establishing the mission of IAP2 USA was to examine who we serve. Traditionally, IAP2 has provided its members with tools, supported chapters, provided guidance to elected officials and government agencies, trained practitioners in the field, and served as a resource to potential users of public participation processes. After serious discussion and reflection by the 2011 board, it became clear that IAP2 USA can and should serve the same groups going forward, BUT, given the newly-formed status of the affiliate and its financial resources, the STRATEGIC choice and direction is to develop our program of services and offerings in a PHASED fashion that prioritizes our ability to deliver based on our core assets and key supporters. Those priority targets in order are: 1. Members 2. Chapters 3. Practitioners 4. Elected officials and other “consumers” While priority and focus will be weighted towards key service targets, the board created a leadership and management structure to support progress on multiple fronts (as referenced in the next section on Organizational Structure).

  • IAP2 USA Chapters

  • Public Participation Practitioners

  • Elected Officials

  • IAP2 USA Chief Technology OfficerIn accordance with the board’s authority under our adopted bylaws, IAP2 USA has added to the traditional list of officers the position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Increasingly, providing member services and managing and delivering public participation processes rely on technological innovation and efficacy. IAP2 USA’s members are “wired” to the Internet and expect sophistication and 24/7/365 access from us in that realm. From a financial standpoint, electronically delivering information, communications, and tools/products is also highly cost-effective and sustainable. As such, having a CTO as a member of the Executive Committee is considered crucial and strategic to our success.

  • IAP2 USA Executive CommitteeAs permitted in our adopted bylaws, the board has delegated to the Executive Committee responsibility for the routine administrative and financial management of the overall organization. The board has designated the Executive Committee to include the president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and CTO. To conduct the work of IAP2 USA, the board created committees to provide, drive and oversee the strategic initiatives and program offerings that are inherent to the mission of IAP2 USA... Each committee is chaired by a different board member. To increases the effectiveness, strength and inclusiveness of these committees, their membership comprises board and non-board members of IAP2 USA, drawing on the talents and resources of the entire organization.

  • IAP2 USA Membership Development Committeeto maintain and increase membership and diversity, a critical imperative for our membership-based organization

  • IAP2 USA Programs and Services Committeeto develop, assess and manage the tools we offer members and others

  • IAP2 USA Chapter Relations Committeeto enhance and support the symbiotic relationship between the affiliate and chapters

  • IAP2 USA Strategic Planning Committeeto ensure strategic analysis is maintained as an ongoing function... The Strategic Planning Committee will continue to evaluate and report on progress toward fulfilling the strategic plan through each phase of the process. This committee will also provide guidance to the board on updates and adjustments to the plan, and support the board’s formal annual review.

  • IAP2 USA Strategic Advocacy Committeeto support the field of public participation and network with similar-minded organizations

  • IAP2 USA Communications and Online Technology Committeeto provide an ongoing focus on this key component of service delivery and member satisfaction