Publication: 2013-08-04


We see a connection between the need for our deep personal development as leaders and the complexity of the challenges facing us on the planet at this time. At Global Leadership Lab Network events, we connect more deeply to ourselves, to each other, and to the wider global community in order to scale work for the greater good. In a collaborative environment, we innovate with real time projects.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Global Leadership Lab


Global Leadership Lab is a prototype of a new form of organization: A place where connecting heads, hearts, and hands is encouraged — where each individual can be and become fully human, and where we can integrate the wisdom and will to translate our wildest dreams into reality.


  • Dana PearlmanCo-Founder -- Dana designs, hosts, and facilitates action learning experiences. She works at the intersection of authentic leadership, sustainable development, and collaborative community building in order to accelerate the profound transformation that is needed in our world. Her academic background is in clinical psychology and strategic leadership towards sustainability. She uses participatory processes and powerful questions to enable deeper learning and profound change. She connects people to one another through dialogue to strengthen communities and teams. Dana's clients include the Sustainability Learning Centre, the Blekinge Institute of Technology, The Bold Academy, Fukushima Response Group, and Daily Acts. She is a practitioner and co-hosts trainings in The Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter and also hosts workshops in authentic leadership that stems from her co-created research in Sweden. She co-authored and published The Lotus: A practice guide for Authentic Leadership towards Sustainability.

  • Cloe ShashaCo-Founder -- Cloe is a connector with a love of bringing people together, design, writing, curating experiences, and building communities. She works at TED Conferences, LLC on speaker research, community outreach, and conference production. She graduated magna cum laude from Middlebury College with a degree in cognitive psychology and continues to work with the admissions department to interview undergraduate applicants. She is a StartingBloc Fellow. In the past, she has been a logo and web designer, a cognitive psychology researcher, a solar engineering document translator from English to French and English to Spanish, an industrial design researcher for Ross Lovegrove, an illustrator for Scientific American, a commissioned child portrait painter, and a news journalist for ABC News as well as for small print newspapers. She founded and organized TEDxMiddlebury in 2010 and helped launch an accelerator program called The Bold Academy in 2011. Cloe is on the advisory board of Talks on Law and is on the committee for Claudia Chan‘s S.H.E. Summit Week. She loves to match people with job opportunities, dance, sing, write, take photographs, travel, and go on outdoor adventures. She speaks English, French, Spanish, and is proficient in German.

  • David HodgsonCo-Founder -- David weaves creative ecosystems and convenes them in possibility spaces, to catalyze and accelerate the transformative innovation necessary to meet the profound challenges of the 21st century. He is a fellow of the Finance Innovation Lab, the International Futures Forum, and is an adviser to Shareable. In previous lives, David has been a sound engineer and a software architect, working with Microsoft, Sony, and Electronic Arts.

  • Kathia Laszlo, Ph.D.Co-Founder -- Kathia is an international educator, researcher, and consultant committed to facilitating transformational processes that lead to integral sustainability. She is the co-founder and executive director of Syntony Quest, a social enterprise dedicated to enable organizations and communities to design new ways of working, learning, and living that embody social and environmental integrity, with offices in Northern California and Mexico. She is a professor at Saybrook University in the Organizational Systems doctoral program where she coordinates the specialization in leadership of sustainable systems. She has taught leadership, organizational learning, and strategy in the sustainability oriented MBA programs of Presidio Graduate School, Dominican University of California, Bainbridge Graduate Institute, EGADE Business School, and Universidad del Medio Ambiente.

  • Julie HayesSynthesis -- Julie is a natural cross-contextual systems thinker and connector, drawing her background in ecology to understand large, complex systems. Ever planet-minded, Julie has worked as a field ecologist recycling specialist, a residential energy efficiency specialist, and an outdoor educator. Most recently, she's wandered the philanthropy world looking for the kinds of thinkers the Global Leadership Lab convenes. She is a graduate of the University of Colorado in Boulder and National Outdoor Leadership School.