Publication: 2012-10-18



Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Giving Institute


The Giving Institute, formerly the American Association of Fundraising Counsel (AAFRC) sought to enhance the professionalism of a field that was disorganized and sometimes misunderstood and mistrusted. Their first act was to develop a fair practice code. The code, known today as the Standards of Practice and Professional Code of Ethics, is widely accepted as a model for professional ethics in the field.


  • Giving Institute Member FirmsServing clients of every size and purpose, from local institutions to international organizations, Giving Institute member firms embrace the highest ethical standards and maintain a strict code of fair practices.

  • Giving USA FoundationGiving Institute continues to provide financial support, expertise, and leadership to the Foundation and works in partnership with it to advance philanthropy and promote ethics in the fundraising profession.

  • Arthur D. RaybinIn 1985, three Association leaders, Arthur D. Raybin, John Grenzebach, and Charles E. Lawson, incorporated the Giving USA Foundation formerly the AAFRC Trust for Philanthropy to carry out and expand a number of the public service goals of the Association.

  • John Grenzebach

  • Charles E. Lawson

  • Giving Institute StaffThe Giving Institute staff is dedicated to providing the best possible products and benefits in the industry. The staff is based out of The Giving Institute’s corporate offices in Chicago, Illinois, USA, to bring you the highest possible level of service. We strongly encourage our members to contact us. Our staff can answer your questions about The Giving Institute and Giving USA Foundation.

  • Geoffrey E. Brown, CAEExecutive Director

  • Sara PorterMembership and Operations Coordinator

  • Rachel Walsh, CMPSenior Meeting and Education Coordinator

  • Thomas RaddeAdministrative Assistant