NATIONAL ARCHIVES AND RECORDS ADMINISTRATION: Oversight and Management Improvements Initiated, but More Action Needed


Start: 2010-10-05, Publication: 2010-11-01


GAO is making recommendations to help NARA build on its recent oversight activities and to fill gaps in its risk management and human capital management. In comments on a draft of the report, NARA concurred.

... in today’s environment of fast-evolving information technology, federal agencies are creating vast and growing volumes of electronic records while continuing to create physical records in large numbers...GAO was asked to assess NARA’s effectiveness in overseeing the governmentwide management of records, including commenting on its capacity to identify risk of unlawful destruction of federal records; describe its ability to preserve permanent records; and assess its policies, procedures, and plans supporting key management and oversight capabilities (collaboration, governance, and human capital). To do so, GAO analyzed NARA documentation in these areas, interviewed agency officials, and reviewed prior work.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Government Accountability Office


Name:National Archives and Records Administration