Government 2.0 Action Plan - Victoria


Start: 2010-07-31, Publication: 2010-08-18


This Government 2.0 Action Plan provides the foundation for a whole of Victorian Public Service approach to Government 2.0. It recognises that new approaches, processes and technologies such as social media, wikis, and blogs can put the citizen at the centre in a more open and collaborative relationship with government. It also means a shift in how we work, with an increased emphasis on transparency and collaboration.

There are already pockets of innovative Government 2.0 practice in the VPS, ranging from the use of Twitter to keep the public informed during emergencies through to using Facebook to bring together small business owners and prospective owners for networking and information sharing. The Victorian Government has also committed to open access to public sector information in its response to the 2009 Parliamentary Inquiry into Improving Access to Victorian Public Sector Information and Data. Opening up public sector data and information is a major opportunity to increase engagement with the community and realise a range of social and economic benefits.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Department of Premier and Cabinet



  • Helen SilverSecretary, Department of Premier and Cabinet. The Department of Premier and Cabinet will be responsible for coordinating the implementation of the Action Plan and will work closely with departments and practitioners in the roll-out of the initiatives.

  • Government Implementation TaskforceThe whole of Government Implementation Taskforce will oversee the implementation of the Plan and monitor its progress. Regular progress reports will be provided to the State Coordination and Management Council.

  • State Coordination and Management Council

  • Jim BettsSecretary, Department of Transport

  • Penny ArmytageSecretary, Department of Justice

  • Richard BoltSecretary, Department of Primary Industries

  • Yehudi BlacherSecretary Department of Planning and Community Development

  • Peter DawkinsSecretary, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

  • Gill CallisterSecretary, Department of Human Services

  • Bruce HartnettChair, State Services Authority

  • Greg Wilson,Secretary, Department of Sustainability and Environment

  • Simon OverlandChief Commissioner, Victoria Police

  • Grant HehirSecretary, Department of Treasury and Finance

  • Fran ThornSecretary, Department of Health

  • Howard RonaldsonSecretary, Department of Industry, Innovation and Regional Development