Mission and Vision


Publication: 2012-09-11



Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Feeding South Dakota



  • Hungry People in South Dakota

  • Matt GassenExecutive Director

  • Miranda OchockiExecutive Services Coordinator

  • Jim DawsonEastern Operations Manager

  • Dave OttemanFinancial Assistant

  • Kerri DeGraffDevelopment Director

  • Jennifer StensaasFund Development Associate

  • Allison StruckBackPack Program Coordinator

  • Steve RohwedderWarehouse Manager

  • Jon SchoenAgency Relations/Warehouse

  • Lori GeradsWarehouse Staff

  • Daniel LeeRoute Driver

  • Randy SturmRoute Driver

  • PartnersIn our battle against hunger in this state, Feeding South Dakota faces more challenges than simply feeding hungry people. We would never have a chance of eliminating hunger in South Dakota if it were not for the outstanding contributions of our various in-kind partners, and we sincerely appreciate all they do for us at Feeding South Dakota.

  • Bibbs Inc.Partner - Donates all trucking from the Minneapolis area and gives a good deal to haul freight to NAHA (one of our organizations in Rapid City) from Minneapolis. Bibbs saves us over $4,000 a year in freight charges.

  • DakotalandPartner - Dakotaland consistently gives us excellent service, gives us great mileage rates, donates a trailer to use for storage, and works hard to cover our loads. They have taken freight from the Sioux Falls Food Bank to the Rapid City Food Bank for the bargain rate they charge for backhauls.

  • DizcoPartner - Donates transportation of a truckload of products to Fairfax, SD for a mass distribution there, usually 3-4 times per year. They also donate the use of 2 trucks during the National Association of Letter Carriers food drive for the post office to load and take to the Sioux Falls Food Pantry every year.

  • John MorrellPartner - Donated over 300,000 pounds of meat products in 2005. Donates trucking when they have trucks available, usually around $1,000 worth each year.

  • K&J TruckingPartner - Donates 6 truckloads per year from Sioux Falls to Rapid City. Since most of our freight comes to Sioux Falls, this helps the Rapid City Food Bank get their share. K&J donated two refer trailers to us and the use of a smaller straight truck for deliveries at times. They service our refers and keep them in good repair, allow staff to drive some loads to organizations, and we pay for only the fuel. Our staff calls upon K&J Trucking's staff for their expertise. They will haul freight from anywhere they are if a truck is available for a fantastic price.

  • Midwest Coast TransportPartner - Donates the trucking of 2 truckloads from anywhere in the US to Sioux Falls, usually saving us around $3000. If we have a location that is particularly difficult for most trucking companies to haul from for us, MCT is usually able to do it. They give us an excellent mileage rate as well.

  • Nash FinchPartner - Donated over 310,000 pounds of groceries in in the past. They also store frozen and dry product for us. If product comes in on slip sheets, Nash Finch also unloads the product onto pallets for us. Their people have offered expertise many times when we have called on them for it.

  • NordicaPartner - Has donated storage of dry products and perishable items for us, and gives us a great rate on storage.

  • Parker Transfer and StoragePartner - We usually have at least one truckload of dry product stored at Parker at no cost to us.

  • Smurfit-Stone ContainerPartner - Has donated countless boxes to us for several years now.

  • StarMarkPartner - Has donated trucking since 1995. When they deliver cabinets, they offer to bring back to Sioux Falls loads from as far away as New Mexico and Ohio. StarMark donated the cabinets for the office area and kitchen at the Food Bank and has allowed us to store products in their trailers.