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Start: 2010-04-21, Publication: 2010-04-21


In order to coordinate the actions in support of the goals of the standardization effort, the forming of an official subsidiary project of Metagovernment was proposed.


Name:Owen Ambur



The mission of the Metagovernment project is to support the development and use of Internet tools which enable the members of any community to fully participate in the governance of that community. We are a global group of people working on various projects which further this goal. We expect governance software to be adopted first in small communities, and then to spread outward with the potential to gradually replace many institutions of representative democracy with a new kind of social organization called collaborative governance. We conceive a world where every person, without exception, is able to substantively participate in any governance structure in which they have an interest. We envision governance which is not only more open, free, and democratic; but also which is more effective and less fallible than pre-Internet forms of governance. See also


  • Thomas von der ElbeDeveloper of Pollwiki and Streetwiki. Owner of and domains.

  • Ed PastoreConvener of Metagov group

  • Owen AmburParticipant in Metagov group